Working with  28.000 +  organizations across 43 countries, EvalCommunity matches credible employers with the top M&E experts

The M&E industry today has great relevance to how we live and will continue to play a part in our future economy. EvalCommunity addresses a critical need in the M&E industry right now and is a top priority for our community.

  • We connect the job seekers with hiring managers by centralizing career opportunities in one easy-to-search location, our Job Board, and by managing a curated network of incredible talent. We’re also a destination for resources and insights into the M&E industry and opportunities for careers within it.
  • We are seeing a surge in demand from nearly every major actor as businesses and governments expand their use of the M&E process. The current pace of innovation and incoming stakeholder’s interest indicates that the M&E industry will be one of the fastest-growing sectors in International Development over the next decade, which will require an increasingly diverse workforce to unlock the value of these M&E stacks.

Why EvalCommunity and not a general job board?

There are several benefits to using the EvalCommunity niche job board. First, little to no advertising money is wasted targeting unqualified candidates. Because of the high profile, general boards target all candidates, the result is that the vast majority of the candidates using those boards will not be interested in the position posted by the employer because it falls outside of their career path, geographic preference, or skill level.

  • EvalCommunity is a niche job board. By posting the position to the appropriate EvalCommunity, virtually all of the candidates using that EvalCommunity niche board will be qualified for the position. First, the number of qualified candidates using our niche board tends to be higher than other general job boards. Second, the cost to post a position to EvalCommnity is usually far less.
  • Quality vs Quantity – EvalCommunity job board is “peace of mind”. Your ad dollar will not go to waste. It is not like ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Indeed, or the other big guys. Your listing in EvalCommunity will be shared with the worldwide M&E experts in one place.  But if you like the big guys, the listing in EvalCommunity is also posted in multiple job boards posting: ZipRecruiter, Careerjet, Google For Jobs, Facebook Job Search, Neuvoo, Adzuna, Jora, Jooble, and more.
  • We come from the M&E sector. We find the “hidden,” hard-working international and local M&E candidates that no one else can locate. We target active candidates who are dedicated to the M&E and Impact Assessment. 460k+ M&E candidates view our job pages each month.  We can readily identify skilled M&E technical and managerial professionals who will meet your organization/company’s needs.

What are other benefits for your organization of joining the EvalCommunity?

  • Access to the world’s best specialists database in M&E and Impact Assessment.
  • Job distribution to our network of over 193.000 M&E experts
  • The organization’s mission is promoted to an international audience
  • Reduce your staffing charges and hiring costs.
  • Ongoing customer service

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