United Nations (UN) Jobs

Why work at United Nations? What can I do in the United Nations? How do I apply for UN Jobs? Those are some main questions asked from our M&E community.

The world looks to the United Nations for solutions to complex problems everywhere; from ending conflict and alleviating poverty, to combating climate change and defending human rights. The issues on our agenda are manifold and diverse as are the careers we offer. Among our ranks you will find staff members who monitor elections, disarm child soldiers, coordinate relief in humanitarian crises and provide administrative as well as logistical support to carry out our complex mandates. These are just a few examples amongst our many other equally critical and necessary functions.

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United Nation (UN) is hiring M&E experts

The main aim of the United Nation is to support the social, political, economic, and environmental development of the country. The United Nations offers many opportunities for career variety as compared to other large private companies. You can land your dream job if you have a high educational degree along with you. It is a fact that UN careers are divided into different categories and each category requires the area of expertise as well as educational background. If you have enough skill to indulge in the UN jobs, you can enjoy working in this field. You can decide the choice of your category while taking into account your experience, interest as well as skills. They don’t consider your application if you don’t have experience requirements as well as specific education.

The job categories in United Nations include:

Field Service, Senior Appointment, Professional and higher categories, National Professional officers as well as General Service and related categories. The successful candidates in the international development jobs are usually hired for two or three years of period and they will get the payment according to the United Nations scale. The young professional base salary is approximately $36,000 to $85,000 based on different levels. It is a privilege to work for the UN because the mission of the United Nation is to get world peace. The benefits of this job are awesome and the salary is perfect to lead a happy life. Moreover, you will find this job a secure one.

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You will find different careers in the United Nations including:

  • Information and Telecommunication Technology
  • Management and Administration
  • Internal Safety and Security
  • Supply Chain, Transportation, and Logistics
  • Economic and Social Development
  • Conference Management
  • Public Information

How to register as a user at UN?

Open the website and go to the UN jobs career portion. Check whether any vacancy is available for you in the UN organization. Register yourself as a user. They will require your real name, date of birth, and email as well as username and password. After registering yourself, create your own personal history profile. In this, you need to add your personal resume so that you will be checked before hiring. Make sure that your personal profile history must be detailed and the picture you used must be clear.

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You can apply for the area of your field because United Nations is vast.

Hiring Process

The UN hiring process takes about two weeks or more than a year but it depends on them.

Development Aid

UN provides development aid to those countries that need to improve the resources for the better survival of human life. If you want to apply for the development jobs because you think that you have enough skill to enter into this field, you can apply for this job in the UN system.

Education requirements

Some positions in UN jobs require only a bachelor’s degree but if you want to get a promotion in a job, you need to get a Master’s degree, Ph.D., and other professional degrees. In the same way, if you want to be a medical worker in United Nations; you should have a medical degree along with you such as in the nursing field, you should have a Master of Science in Nursing.

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Our expert team of recruiters understands the nuance of global development. With two decades of experience working with leading aid agencies, development banks, NGO’s, social enterprises and private companies, we provide a search approach customized to the needs of development organizations of all sizes and in some of the most complex environments.

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Our expert team understands the nuances
of global development.

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Our global team works across all geographies to ensure you receive the best candidates keeping diversity and gender balance in mind. We have extensive experience in identifying senior executives in the most complex conditions around the world, including conflict and post-conflict areas. .

Guiding you to your next hire

Our expert team understands the nuances
of global development.

We search worldwide

Our global team works across all geographies to ensure you receive the best candidates keeping diversity and gender balance in mind. We have extensive experience in identifying senior executives in the most complex conditions around the world, including conflict and post-conflict areas. .

 Skills to join the UN jobs

If you think that you have enough skills to join the UN jobs, you can join and create your profile as well as prepare the application and all requirements of the jobs because without sending your proposal for the job, you can’t enter into the world of UN careers and jobs. It is a fact that your career is the reflection of your decisions and aspirations about professional development and by joining hands with the United Nations; you will feel a big change because the jobs are easy and you learn a lot throughout your professional career. In order to support and enhance your career decisions, the organizations play an effective role. The United Nations have vast fields of jobs for you and you can select the program of your choice.

The United Nations provides many opportunities to young professionals to get United Nations jobs and enjoy the skills at the expert professional level. If you are curious about the UN careers and you just complete your graduation, you must involve in UN Internship Program so that you get enough skills to start a good career. You can get work experience in United Nations even if you get a job as Junior Professional Officer at the UN. The most amazing thing is that the UN not only allows the expertise to join hands in the organization but it allows the youngster to get work experience and start the job after graduation. There are a number of initiations that the United Nations have attempted because they want the youngsters to do something for the country rather than wasting time in other activities.

For a career with United Nations, you must be an expert in English and learned to serve at different stations. It is amazing to know that UN volunteers receive different benefits along with salary and they also get the Volunteer Living Allowance. If you have a desire for UN jobs and international humanitarianism, join Evalcommunity because we are here to support you in every field. Most people think that getting the foot in the UN door is quite difficult and they lose hope in this way. But, don’t get worried about anything. We are here to guide you the best field of job and how to get a job in the UN. Never underestimate the likelihood of getting yourself hired, if you have skills, you can do any type of job in the UN because the UN offers the youngsters to show off their talents

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