Are you trying to sell tickets for your events in M&E, Impact Assessment, Project Management and other professional events in International Development?

EvalCommunity Calendar helps the organizations to sell more tickets and simplify the selling process.

  • The EvalCommunity calendar allows you to add as many tickets as you wish to a given event and sell those tickets entirely within the platform. Each ticket has its own price, stock, SKU, and specified time-frame for when ticket sales open and close.
  • No third party websites, no extra ticket processing fees…just you, your attendees, and one kick ass event.
  • The system takes full control of the event ticketing process and customizes it to suit your needs.
  • Some organizations are also using the system to configure custom attendee registration forms to collect information like t-shirt size or food preferences.
  • Purchased tickets are emailed directly to users, allowing them to easily print them out or pull them up on a mobile device for check-in.


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