EvalCommunity solutions 

EvalCommunity’s job posting & recruitment advertising services

  • Job Postings –  If you’re hiring occasionally or you have many vacancies in Monitoring&Evaluation, Social Impact and Impact Assessment you can post and share with the international community your opportunity by choosing our services and a type of available plans. Match the right people with the right jobs!
  • Recruit with us: EvalCommunity is the partner recruitment pros rely on to hire the best talent for their organizations. Let our experienced project managers source, screen and find the right candidates for your organization. How to recruit with us?

EvalCommunity’s event posting advertising services

  • Event postings: submit a workshop, online course, webinar, forum, conference or any other event to reach the M&E, Impact Assessment, and International Development audience. Find a plan that’s right for you!
  • EvalCommunity Events Calendar: Find around 700 professional events planned from organizations over the world and published monthly at EvalCommunity Calendar. Narrow your result!

International Database of Experts in M&E and Impact Assessment

  • Dedicated only to the Global Development Opportunities in M&E and Impact Assessment, we are supporting and managing the International Database of Experts on the field. Register as an expert or find experts available by country or by name. How to register as expert?

eMentoring program

The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) eMentoring Program encourages Networking & Peer Learning and allows the experts to act as:

  • a mentor, menthee, or both
  • a P2P mentor to set up collaboration or partnership between experts, or share tasks or workloads between peers. How it works?