Development Practitioner and Researcher with more than 35 years’ experience in working with International and National Development Organizations, Research and Academic Institutions,  NGOs and other civil society organizations, mainly in India and partly in Sri Lanka.   Education – highest degree M.Phil in Applied Economics from the the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (at the Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala).  Also got trained in Rural Extension (Wageningen, The Netherlands),  Organisational Assessment and Development (INTRAC, UK),  Participatory Approaches and Methods, Participatory Action Research,  Institutional Development and Organization Strengthening (MDF, Colombo), Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (IPID, Colombo) etc.   Experience in Socio-Economic Assessment (>35 years);  Organizational and Project Appraisals for funding/partnership (>30 years);  Program Development (>25 years); Coordination/Management of  Development Programs of International Development Agencies   (>18 years);  Monitoring of Development Projects (>22 years);  Evaluation of Projects and Programs (>20 years);  Research and Documentation on Development related issues/topics (>35 years);  Academic/Research Coordination (>15 years);  Capacity Building of NGOs/Civil Society Organizations – as trainer, guide, critical partner and coach (>30 years); Identifying and spreading innovative development approaches and practices (>30 years);  Guiding Anti-Corruption (through Constructive Engagement of Citizens against Corruption (>4 years);  and Facilitating inter-face/collaboration/partnership between NGOs/Civil Society Organizations and Government Agencies (>20 years).