I am an established expert with 30 years of global experience in inclusive development in a range of sectors and fields, most notably education, civil society and community development, health, economic growth and infrastructure and in cross-cutting themes of monitoring and evaluation and learning, gender and social inclusion, governance, capacity development, and peace and conflict. I have an extensive knowledge of aid modalities/forms of aid, sector-wide approaches and international conventions and directions and development targets. My global experience includes development work with clients throughout Africa, Asia (Central, South and Southeast Asia), Latin America and the Pacific. I have served as a consultant to or employee of various organizations including UN agencies, international financial institutions (ADB, World Bank), bilateral donor organizations (Australian DFAT, UK Aid, USAID (with a broad and deep understanding of the USAID’s education sector priorities and approaches), MCC, Government of Luxemborg), and numerous international and local non-government and private sector organizations. I provide advice on strategy and policy development, activity design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation activities across sectors and thematic areas.

Within the education sector, I have worked extensively in all sub-sectors (preschool, primary (lower and upper), secondary (lower and upper), higher education and technical and vocational education with a focus on youth and workforce readiness) and in formal and non-formal education systems and in public and private education. I am well-versed in student learning assessment, remedial and accelerated education interventions and social and emotional learning (SEL). I am a K-12 licensed teacher and a specialist in language education (including mother tongue, bilingual, multi-lingual, second and foreign language education and language arts (including foundational skills in early grade reading and numeracy) and in inclusive education (including Universal Design for Learning and addressing opportunities and barriers to education for various marginalized and excluded groups such as learners with disabilities, ethnic minority learners, etc.), and policy development and strategic and sector planning. I have also worked extensively in education in crisis-, conflict- and crime-affected contexts.

I have worked extensively at all levels (international, national and sub-national to the grass roots level) and with many diverse stakeholders including government officials, local nongovernmental organizations, private sector and international actors and have undertaken internal and external coordination and interactions. In nearly all my positions, I have been deeply involved in setting research and MEL agendas and strategies and advising on study designs and implementation and dissemination of findings in the interest of evidence-based practices.

I have a doctorate degree in International and Comparative Education with concentrations in monitoring and evaluation (including developmental, collaborative and participatory evaluation modalities) and learning and am experienced in mixed methods research. I also have a Master of Arts in Languages and Cultures Education with a focus on English as a Second and a Foreign Language.


University of Massachusetts - Amherst

1991-1995 Ed. D.