Umair Ali is a PhD student in Public Administration and Policy and a research associate at Arizona State University’s School of Public Affairs. Currently his primary research interests lie in racial diversity in education, equal access to public health facilities and use of ICT for health and education. Earlier, he has worked as an International Development practitioner and researcher, with a diverse career portfolio in Non-Profit management, Social and Labour Compliance, Design and Impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Development, Mother and Child Health (MNCH), and Peace-making in Conflict zones. He is trained as a management professional in subject matters such as finance, information systems and sustainable entrepreneurship; however his recent work has focused more on international development and policy interventions. Specifically, as a researcher, Umair interests lie in impact evaluation – a skill he honed and practiced during his postgraduate degree in International Development at the University of Sussex. In the past 2-3 years, has provided his expertise on projects with various agencies, such as UK-Aid, USAID and Development Alternatives Incorporated.

Motivated and passionate, Umair roles have been quite challenging, as he has led research wings of different projects he has been involved in. His recent endeavours include design and study of an RCT in studying the impact of digitized tracking and SMS based reminders on child vaccination uptake in Pakistan; studying the impact of seminars in universities on peace-making in conflict areas, and primary qualitative field work in studying the reasons of conflict for policy advice. He is versatile, and is a very good liaison for technical teams, research teams, and intervention design teams in ICT based interventions, as he has good, in-depth knowledge for all three aforementioned areas. Umair values social development for marginalized communities – poverty eradication, basic human rights (universal access to education, health, and sanitation), and freedom of speech and freedom in practice of religion are social causes close to his heart.


Arizona State University

Aug 2017-Aug 2021 Expected PhD Student

Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex, Brighton, England

August 2014 MA International Development