My portfolio is enriched with 9+ years of the development sector and humanitarian sector work knowledge and skills, among 4 years’ experience with UNICEF, 3.4 years in Save the Children and 2 years in Solidaridad Network Asia. Since 2018 in UNICEF, as Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, I am intensively supporting all sections in developing strategic documents, Rolling work plans, Field Office implementation Plans etc, ensuring a logical framework is embedded in the M&E system, coordinating programmes such as humanitarian Cash Assistance, Adolescent programme, Local Governance for Children, SARI-ITC, Integrated Nutrition programme etc. along with database management of CPMIS for Case management; GBVIMS+ for GBV case management; a focal of AAP (Accountability to Affected Population) following to extensive field monitoring to ensure quality programming and systematic evaluation. The followings are highlights of my candidacy for this role:

  • Development of strategic plans, Humanitarian Action for Children (HAC) and Joint Response Plan: Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis (JRP) and continuous performance management through setting section indicators and updating the Humanitarian Performance Monitoring (HPM) table to ensure resource mobilization throughout.
  • Quality monitoring and action monitoring following customised checklists of facilities and activities aligned with the HAC in reference to UN and donor M&E requirements.
  • Continuous capacity building of partners to update real-time data and analyse ensuring data quality from the service point to reporting.
  • Developed District Development Plan for Cox’s Bazar district through intensive all UN agencies and Government sectors coordination ensuring resource allocation and mobilization.
  • Coordinating Integrated Evidence Monitoring Plan (IEMP) platform to document all the evidence-based activities (planned and implemented research, study, analysis etc.).

Save the Children has provided me with insight into the overall country operation and programme performance management following:

  • Coordinating all sections ensuring thematic, cross-thematic and non-thematic indicators are aligned and monitored toward achieving required Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in South-East Asia.
  • Assisted Country Management Team in updating Country reports following regional requirements and played a crucial role in humanitarian operations supporting the Rohingya crisis.

With a Master of Governance Studies degree from the University of Dhaka, enhanced by a Master of Business Administration from the Cardiff Metropolitan University and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) of Business Management from the University of Greenwich, together with my rich experience in driving all aspects of planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting, coupled with a commitment to programme achieving and evaluating results.


University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Jan 2016 - Dec 2017 Master of Governance Studies

Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Aug 2011 - Oct 2012 MBA in Management & Marketing

University of Greenwich, UK

Jul 2008 - Jul 2011 BA (Honours) in Business Management


Jun 2006 - Apr 2008 BTEC Higher National Certificate in Accounting


UNICEF Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Aug 2020– Present Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (Grade: NOB)

• Facilitate programme planning by developing strategic plans, Field Office Implementation Plan (FOIP), Rolling work plan (RWP) etc. based on the socio-economic trends and policy-led changes in regional situations, assessing their impact, and reporting progress in align with JRP (Joint Response Plan), HAC (Humanitarian Action Plan) and CPD (Country Programme Document) following to efficient fund management.
• Prepared and implemented the M&E framework with standardized M&E approaches, tools and methodologies for programme management. Ensured data quality framework is followed throughout the programme implementation following respective UN, donor and stakeholder requirements.
• Supported and assisted Partnership management through Programme Document (PD) development and due diligence of partner, performance/result monitoring and financial monitoring (Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfers – Spot checks, PV monitoring etc.) and results-based reporting in Partner Reporting Portal (PRP); continuous capacity building of partner staffs.
• Managed the Local Governance for Children (LGC) programme by ensuring governance mechanisms are in place and functional. Assisted social cohesion and integrated UN, INGO, NGO and Government-led programmes through intensive analysis and capacity building of relevant stakeholders in preparation of Cox’s Bazar District Development Plan and relevant policies.
• Developed a dedicated information management system for the humanitarian cash programme, in collaboration with the Department of Social Services (DSS) and M&E framework with tools and conducted Post Distribution Monitoring with trend analysis to assess the impact and social cohesion.
• Integrated Accountability to Affected Population (AAP) into programmes through monitoring feedback and complaint mechanisms, and monthly reporting to management for programme improvement based on community participation.
• Developed and mainstreamed robust remote monitoring mechanism for both UNICEF and partners using different tools (ODK, Kobo, phone consultations etc.) to ensure quality programming during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.
• Coordinating Integrated Evidence Monitoring Plan (IEMP) platform to document all the evidence-based activities (both planned and implemented research, study, analysis etc.).
Career Highlights: Planning, Adolescent programme assessment (data management and pre & post-skill assessment), Humanitarian Cash assistance programme support, Post-Distribution Monitoring, Remote monitoring, Case management system (CPIMS), GBVIMS+, Evidence-based planning & budgeting, AAP integration, HACT management and Partnership management.

UNICEF Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Sep 2018– Jul 2020 Programme Officer- Planning, Monitoring & Reporting (Grade: NOA)

• Designed beneficiary database management system for the integrated humanitarian cash assistance and case management programme, developed and rolled out a M&E framework with distribution monitoring, established help desk mechanism and conducted post-distribution monitoring.
• Supported field monitoring across the Rohingya programme by developing and deploying structured checklist; built capacity among field monitors and partners; undertook field visits to assess programme progress; analyzed the findings and provided recommendations for actions.
• Reviewed partner M&E framework and reporting systems and supported them with recommendations in improving their programme implementation progress.
• Led office initiative to integrate disability disaggregation into data collection and partner reporting, including a census of 89,653 children accessing 2,500 UNICEF learning centres.
• Provided technical assistance with the e-Tools roll out in Cox’s Bazar Field Office, training and supporting colleagues to upload monitoring reports, and following up with the pending action points.
Career Highlights: L2/L3: Rohingya response, conducted several surveys and analysis, Humanitarian Performance Monitoring (HPM) and Sitrep, Field Monitoring, Information management, Donor reports, Disability inclusion using Washington Group Questions, Post-Distribution Monitoring, Partnership management and donor Liaison and Risk management.

Save the Children International (SCI), Dhaka, Bangladesh

May 2015 – Sep 2018 Deputy Manager

• Coordinated all SCI sectors of Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS, Education, Child Protection, Policy, Rights and Governance, Child Poverty and Humanitarian including cross-thematic sectors (Gender, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning etc.) and non-thematic sectors for programme performance monitoring, risk analysis and emergency response.
• Cultivated strong relationships and communications with Donors, Government organizations, UN Agencies and other counterparts in Bangladesh ensuring that technical assistance is meeting needs and expectations and is in coordination with other related activities/programs/departments.
• Supported SMT (Senior Management Team) with a variety of tools and methodologies related to program monitoring, coordinated evaluation/assessments with evidence and advocated for multi-sectoral and inclusive implementation
• Compiled and submitted quarterly Country Reports, Key Performance Indicators and Operations Platform Strengthening Tracker with inputs from across the office.

Career Highlight: Assisted with various monitoring tools to track programme implementation progress following to standard rating and heavily coordinated Rohingya response operation including managing international deployment management.

Solidaridad Network Asia, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Apr 2013 – May 2015 Admin Officer & Gender Counterpart

• Undertook daily human resource and administrative functions according to agreed policies and procedures.
• Supported contract management i.e.: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Foreign Donation forms as per NGO Affairs Bureau (FD1, FD2, FD3, FD6, FD7, FC1 & 2, external audit reports including FD4 and annual progress report as per regulatory rules and regulatory compliance in terms of project/funding approval), legal documents and SOPs.
• Responsible for travel management, visa processing, vehicle management and events management.
• Developed tools to analyze the gender context to increase gender integration in programmes and documented women in market linkage approach.