I believe that my knowledge, attribute, skills, working experience and inspiration that the position requires makes me suitable candidate for this post. I can confidently carry out the accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties mentioned in the role profile. I consider myself a dedicated team player who also relishes challenges and readily assumes responsibility and accountability in a personal performance role where initiative is vital. The research, analytical and programme management expertise gave me a good foundation to build on. I can add value and make a worthwhile contribution to the organizations growth with technical essentials which were nurtured on a creative platform contributing to a successful gain during my past service career. My past positions also helped me in attaining expertise in monitoring and evaluation, research designing, planning, implementing, statistical analysis and programme management. Moreover, my attitude and temperament best suits the nature of the job. I can easily cope with new challenges and interact effectively with people that I haven’t worked with yet. I am also willing to go beyond expectations when it comes to work and being involved, and therefore, I am eager to enter in a new working environment. I would like the opportunity to contribute to the efficient operation of a well-known organization and to earn advancement through on-the-job performance.