I have over 30 years of experience in various fields and working throughout the Asia/Africa/Middle East, conducting multi-sectoral evaluations, assessments, feasibilities, supervising ToT and training of various nature and many more. I have worked as an expert for WFP and FAO and produced a number of reports on food security (baseline, impact, mid-term and final evaluation), including publications on CFSVA 2015, Sierra Leone, CFSVA 2020, Sierra Leone, Food insecurity in Pakistan 2003, 2008, 2012, Urban food insecurity in Pakistan 2009, Food insecurity in Afghanistan, Livelihood poverty in Pakistan (livelihood assets), evaluation of protection and social cohesion project (BMZ) for WHH, social cohesion through media for Mercy Corps in NES Syria (including, evaluation of cash for food for WFP in Pakistan (many times), evaluation of protection, health, MPG, PSS, cash for food, shelter etc., for SCI Syria, evaluation/impact/monitoring of MPG, livelihoods, cash & food for Mercy Corps in NES (Syria), evaluation/PDM on cash for food for CARE international, evaluation of livelihood programme for USAID in Iraq and many more.

I have recently completed the evaluation for SI, Mercy Corps, SCI Syria, CARE international (TPM), Mercy Corps (TPM), Expertise France/GIZ and Humanity Inclusions (HI) project in Syria, which included among others, food security, livelihoods, WASH, health, protection, shelter, MHPSS, women rights and empowerment, rehabilitation, Mine Action (explosive clearance) and Risk education (with social cohesion). I have worked in a number of countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Philippines, Italy, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.