Philip Browne has over twenty years of proven expertise in managing development programmes, as well as undertaking programme management, evaluations, policy analysis and strategic planning in the development sector in South Africa and the East and Southern Africa region. Philip has an academic background in education as well as public and international development management, with a focus on social policy, research and political economy. Philip has specialised in the application of specific evaluation and assessment tools, including gender assessment, political economy and development investment prioritisation / cost-benefit analyses. He has worked extensively in education, social welfare and health sector planning and governance, policy analysis, and results-based management. Philip also brings extensive policy, research work and training in the field of development assistance, human rights, gender and sustainable development. He has strong analytical skills in project formulation and administration, programme implementation and Monitoring & Evaluation, together with the capacity to produce detailed research, policy and programme documents. Philip is also an experienced trainer in the areas of M&E, gender and human rights, using a human centred design thinking methodology in all capacity development interventions.