Have progressively responsible experience at national and international level in implementing M&E strategy, managing decentralized evaluation, Mid-term review, quantitative & qualitative research methods. Extensive expertise in digital solutions for conducting survey, data analysis & visualization.


  • Monitoring and Evaluation System; Surveys and Assessments; Qualitative and Quantitative Methods; ODK; ONA; KoboToolbox; SPSS; Stata; R; ArcGIS; Tableau


Department of Economics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

2003-04 Master of Social Science

Result Published at December 2006

Department of Economics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

1999-2003 Bachelor of Social Science

Result Published at June 2005


UN World Food Programme (WFP), Somalia

July 2019- 15 August 2020 Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

– Managed the BMZ/KfW-funded UNICEF WFP Joint Resilience Programme Phase 1 Mid-Term-Review
– Engaged stakeholder groups, both internal and external to WFP, appropriately in the review
process and manage communications.
– Contributed to application of the normative framework, quality support, assessment mechanisms and reporting.
– Promoted WFP/UNICEF Review and Evaluation culture of accountability and learning through
the dissemination of evidence and lessons learnt;
– In collaboration with relevant WFP/UNICEF technical unit, elaborated management responses to review recommendations.
– Participated in external professional forums and networks and internal collaboration on reviews, monitoring and evaluation issues.
– Contributed TOR, inception report, final report and follow-up action matrix of the Mid-term review (MTR)
– Drafted the TOR of decentralized evaluation of “UNICEF WFP Joint Resilience Programme Phase 1”
– Trend Analysis of the Nutrition indicators of UNICEF WFP Joint Resilience Programme utilizing R and R Markdown.

UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Bangladesh

March 2019- June 2019 IPC Data Analysis Assistant

– Assisted in the review and preparation of Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) findings and outputs, such as IPC maps, reports, alerts, flyers and policy briefs;
– Provided data quality assurance support and validation process according to the IPC manual;
– Contributed to the IPC analysis Bangladesh 2019 through analyzing HIES 2016
– Co-Facilitator on statistical software “R” for IPC data preparation

World Bank, Bangladesh

May 2019 – June 2019(10 days) Work from Home Survey data management, cleaning, and analysis – Consultant –

– Cleaning survey data for the “Dhaka low Income area Gender, Inclusion, and poverTY – (DIGNITY) Survey follow-up: Nutrition study (June 2019)” survey.
– Descriptive statistical analyses of demographic and consumption data.
– Regression analyses of the impact of messaging on main outcomes, controlling for participants’ characteristics.

Practical Action, Bangladesh

April-May 2019 (80 hours), Work from Home Consultant – Survey Data Analysis

– Data filtration, editing, and error correction
– Data Analysis and submit Pivot Sheet, Tables, Graphs and other relevant illustrations
– Provide relevant technical input on the Final Baseline Report of “Baseline report: enhancing adaptive capacities of coastal communities, especially women to cope with climate change induced salinity ”

ARCED Foundation, Dhaka, Bangladesh

May 2018- March 2019 Research Director

– Lead the design and implementation of operational researches for consultancy activities
– Establish and link consultancy expertise for project and impact evaluation to build new capabilities
– Develop the inception report, detailing the evaluation scope, methodology and approach
– Finalize evaluation, survey reports
– Set up organizational profile and work flow in terms of research consultancy service
– Prepared project evaluation reports

UN World Food Programme, Sierra leone

April 2014- April 2018(2014-15 as IUNV, 2015-2018 as Consultant) 6. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

– Managed the monitoring and evaluation system for the Sierra Leone country office.
– Developed programme monitoring, implementation strategy, analysis and reporting tools to ensure high quality project implementation.
– Managed log-frames for WFP SLCO TICSP, PRRO & EMOP activities
– Developed online collaborative database for UN country team in Sierra Leone (UNHACT)
– Transformed WFP SLCO data collection from paper based to electronic data collection technology.
– Managedthe M&E system during Level 3 (L3) Ebola emergency response operation.
– Established an online Back to Office reporting mechanism for staff
– Produced monthly monitoring bulletin for internal use.
– Provided capacity development support to staff to successfully roll out a corporate programme management platform for Sierra Leone Country Office (COMET). Acted as COMET administrator.
– Provided training to WFP and partner staff in monitoring and data collection to augment their capabilities and Manage staff of the M&E unit
– Developed and implemented M&E Strategy for the Country Office and oversee successful operationalization.
– Promoted the CO M&E system status in RBD region from Poor to Good and keep the consistency for remaining years.
– Set up BFM mechanism for the CO
– Managed the WFP decentralized evaluation PRRO 200938
– Developed programme data collection tool in smart phones (ODK collect) for 2015 Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis
– Provided technical support to other government and UN agencies (FAO, UNRCO, Office of National Security, MAFFS, UNFPA) for study and database management.

BRAC International, Sierra leone

December 2012 to February 2014 Research Fellow

– Set up the research unit and evaluation system for the West Africa region (Sierra Leone and Liberia). Coordinate the research of BRAC health, education and agriculture programmes in Sierra Leone and Liberia.
– Conducted collaborative research with the University of Berkeley on the DfID funded Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) project, including supporting the design of a Randomized Control Trial to measure the impact of the project.
– Designed and implemented large scale surveys, including developing methodology, data collection tools and provided training in field supervision data analysis and report writing.
– Prepared research concept notes on the evaluation design of the respective programme. Conduct study, analyze data and disseminated study findings with donor and partners.
– Manage staff (researchers, data entry operator and enumerator) of the research unit and collaborated with academics in several research projects.
– Resume the research unit and evaluation system for the West Africa region
– Conducted collaborative research with the University of Berkeley on the DfID funded Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) project, including supporting the design of a Randomized Control Trial to measure the impact of the project.
– Prepared reports after completion of surveys.

BRAC, Bangladesh

October 2008 to November 2012 Senior Research Associate

– Conducted an economic evaluation of the Maternal and Child Health (MNCH) Programme in Bangladesh jointly with University of Aberdeen team for this project evaluation.
– Conducted collaborative research with the University of Aberdeen for an economic evaluation the impact of the maternal and child health project in rural Bangladesh.
– Developed research instruments; train enumerators, supervise data collection; prepare reports and disseminate findings to national and international audiences.
– Applied Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS) for monitoring data.
– Published and disseminate research findings.
– Published in BRAC and International journals
– Presented research findings at national and international conferences.

Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, Bangladesh

March 2008 to October 2008 (Project Basis) Research Officer

– Conducted primary data analysis, coordinated response analysis workshops and elaborated the quantitative section of research reports (Agro processing product with special to shrimp; Gender in mines, A study on food situation and budgetary position in Bangladesh).
– Conducted FGDs and In-depth interview and took part in analysis.

BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

August 2007 to January 2008 Research Assistant,

– Supported data analysis and the write up of a study on Diarrheal disease in Slum areas in Dhaka.
– Collected survey information, cleaned the data and conducted analysis