I am a seasoned researcher passionate about uncovering motivations of human behavior and using that knowledge to help clients optimize their content, products, and marketing material. I’ve worked with a vast array of large-scale clients across many different industries, including Paramount, WB, FOX, TLC, Instagram, Snapchat, World Surf League, Kia, Ally, Prudential, Citi, Accenture, Maritz, Amazon, and Softsoap. I also have experience with a variety of methodologies ranging from traditional qualitative and quantitative approaches to innovative measurement such as biometric tracking, facial coding, eye-tracking, etc. I’m driven by a desire to help companies better serve their clients and consumers, and I look forward to helping you meet your research objectives!


Claremont Graduate University

August 2006 / June 2014 M.A. and Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology

Wide variety of research experience, with primary applications in consumer decision making

University of Illinois

August 2001 / May 2005 M.S. in Psychology


Immersion Neuroscience

July 2019 / Present Head of Customer Success (indep. consultant)

Still serving as independent consultant – I work with new clients to help brainstorm value prop, in addition to helping with research design, analysis, and storytelling.


Jan 2015 / Present Senior Research Manager (indep. consultant)

Still serving as independent consultant – I moderate, analyze, and report for online communities, and I assist with analysis / insights / reporting on quantitative projects.

Ipsos - Neuro & Behavioral Science Centre

Jan 2013 / Jan 2015 Manager of R&D

I located and vetted new neuro- and emotion-based tools, and helped train client teams on these tools so they could sell these through to their own clients. I was also responsible for assisting on client projects which employed these tools, and I built a biometric testing lab in our office facility.