I have 20 Years working experience in National University and International NGO with experiences in managing projects in Asia Pacific (Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and China) and advance capacity in project design-planning-management, monitoring and evaluation, compliance, quality assurance, data quality standard, quantitative and qualitative studies, data monitoring and audit systems that serve to inform and optimize an integrated approach of evidence-based planning and implementation aligned to project/program development priorities and advocacy for effective responses to critical issues.

Experiences with software/application; Stat Planet, Confluence, SharePoint, Kobo toolbox, ATLAS (UNDP), TRAINET (USAID), ERP – Management Information System (Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund), Open Data Kit (ODK), Technical and Administrative Management Information System (TAMIS) – DAI, and PMIS – MCA Indonesia (Green Prosperity Unit).

Experiences with issues/substances are Financial Inclusion, Knowledge Sector Initiative, Agriculture (Cocoa, Coffee, & Tea), Climate Change (Land base mitigation, Renewable Energy, and Climate Change Adaptation), Commercial Renewable Energy, Disaster Management (Emergency Response, Search and Rescue, Recovery Reconstruction, Mitigation and Risk Reduction), Live Stock Production (Bulls and Heifers), Marine and Climate Support (Institutional Development, Sustainable Fisheries Management, Coastal Community Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation, Program Reporting & Coordination), and Democratic Governance (Improved Women Parliamentary main Capacity and Performance).