Food security & livelihoods expert with 15 years experience in the development and humanitarian sectors:

  • Research & analysis: 10 years experience in research & evaluation for NGOs & UN agencies. Farming system research specialist. Thorough knowledge of primary, secondary and participatory research methodologies. Produced grant proposals, research papers and evaluation reports.
  • Project management: 4+ years experience in designing, implementing and coordinating emergency, recovery and rural development projects. Sound knowledge of quality assurance and M&E systems.
  • Field experience: Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Chad, DR Congo, Darfur, Liberia, Haiti, Myanmar, Laos, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan.


AgroParisTech, France

1997/2001 Master degree in Agronomy

Specialization in Rural economics and agricultural development

Université Laval, Canada

1999/2000 Master degree in Integrated Rural Development



October 2011 to date International consultant

Appraisal, design and evaluation of rural development, food security and livelihoods projects in disaster-prone and fragile contexts

Solidarites International

October 2009 / August 2011 Programme Coordinator

Coordination of food security, livelihoods recovery, shelter, water, sanitation & hygiene promotion programmes in Myanmar

Groupe URD

Nov. 2005 / Dec. 2008 Evaluation, training & research officer

Technical expertise and methodological support to humanitarian and development stakeholders in the food security, livelihoods, agriculture and water management sectors (Afghanistan, Myanmar and Sudan)

Solidarites International

Jan. 2009 / April 2009 Livelihoods Recovery Coordinator

Coordination of Livelihoods Recovery projects for residents and IDPs in West and South Darfur

Action Contre la Faim

Dec. 2002 / May 2005 Programme Manager

Management of food security, water and sanitation programmes (Sri Lanka & Liberia)