International public health professional with proven effectiveness in enhancing health, economic development, and humanitarian assistance programs across 19 countries in Africa and Asia, with field experience in:
• managing projects
• providing training and technical assistance related to program monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
• designing and coordinating performance evaluation studies
• promoting applied learning from findings of program M&E

Professional competencies:
• development of foundational documents for project performance measurement and reporting
• provision of routine, technical support to project field staff on collecting and analyzing data, ensuring data quality control, and documenting results for donor reporting
• design of curricula and educational aids for practice-based instruction on program M&E-related subjects
• delivery of training sessions in English and French
• promotion of best practices and applied learning related to program M&E
• design, planning, coordination/management, and reporting on project research studies

Personal attributes:
• orientation to sustain strong coordination between field project staff and organizational headquarters through responsive, effective, and engaging communications
• technical work experience across diversified, intervention areas in health, economic development, and humanitarian assistance programming
• abiding commitment to program effectiveness and efficiency
• devotion to strengthen and champion performance of work colleagues at individual and team levels
• systems analysis skills and problem solving
• excellent written and oral communications in English and French