I bring skills from my background in project management in development sector; Programme Management and M&E in particular.

I have over 10 years’ experience in working with various national and bilateral organizations as well as with donors agencies such as USAID, UNDP, World Bank, OTI, AECOM and European Commission. As a project management specialist (M&E in particular), I have been involved in planning and budgeting, developing monitoring and impact indicators for project success, recommending further improvement in logical framework and participating in regular project reviews through workshops. Working at various positions helped me gain experience of managing events, developing work plans, result oriented annual and quarterly reporting against indicators/ targets and managing finances of respective projects. Moreover, reporting to different donor agencies helped me understand various project management techniques including results/ evidence based management, performance management as well as strategic planning to manage and report according to need and requirement of multiple donors.

Working at progressively responsible positions have added my experience for Planning and budgeting projects and grants (upto $ 120 Million USD for 5 years), M&E tools, M&E results/performance framework, developing qualitative and quantitative surveys/assessment questionnaires, defining and planning data collection tools, analyzing data trends and/or evaluate program evaluation and impact. With extensive experience of report writing, I have experience in the analysis and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data/information and communication of findings in written and oral form. Data analysis also give me opportunity to define and analyze data trend. This experience at various platforms has sharpened my skill of attention to detail and problem-solving which ultimately ensures that every project I work on is managed to the highest possible standard.

I believe that my academic qualifications along with my experience, will bring synergy and effective coordination and harmonization, needed to maximize all efforts, to activities falling under the said position.