Esteban Professor in Social Planning and Evaluation at Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina. Post graduate and specialisation courses in fields involving in-depth socio-economic analysis, qualitative, quantitative, and participatory research methodologies, and policy making and human resource management. Post graduate courses in Impact Evaluation, Systematization, Outcome Mapping, Evaluation of Sustainability and Qualitative Evaluation.

I have 25 years of increasing professional responsibilities and experience in the field of development studies and evaluation, working for European Commission, the World Bank, FAO, UNDP, Action-Aid, Kellogg Foundation, among others. I am board member of ReLAC and EvaluAR and ex board member of IOCE. Proven experience in technical and analytical assistance to strengthen decision-making, planning, sharing of information, best practices and lessons learnt. Excellent command in undertaking literature review, conceiving data collection tools such as individual interview guides, surveys, focus group discussion guides), conducting interviews, focus group and surveys and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data using computer-based softwares ( SPSS, Atlasti, SAS). Documentary and ethnographic photography , being comissioned to document different development experiencies, particularly in the rural sector in América Latina, Africa and Asia (see Excellent communication skills demonstrated throughout experiences as lecturer, photojornalist and trainner. Fluent in Spanish and English. Basi understanding of Italian and Portuguese.

Interested in short or long-term consultancy opportunities on evaluation, managing projects with NGO, governments or international organizations, as well as teaching or delivering workshops.


Universidad Nacional de San Juan

1984-1989 Social Worker

Graduated from the Department of Social Sciences at the National University of San Juan, Argentina. Bachelor’s Degree (cum laude)

Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands. Scholarship World Bank 2001

Sept-2000 to Dec 2001. MASTER OF ART IN DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (cum laude), Major in Agricultural and Rural Development.

NOMINATED FOR THE THREE MOST OUTSTANDING RESEARCH PAPERS OF THE YEAR, by the MA Programme´s Faculty at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Escuela de Graduados, Facultad de Ciencias Agronómicas.

Jun 2007 to March 2012 PhD in Agricultural and Social Science (cum laude).

Thesis topic. “Social and Environmental Heterogeneity and Ecosystem Services in the Dry Forest in Argentina. A multi-actor and interdisciplinary oriented assessment”