Dr. Nana Opare-Djan, possesses a strong career profile which depicts broad educational background with diverse expertise and extensive work experience. Holds a PhD in Development Studies & Environmental Science. Has Master of Arts degree in Adult Education and multiple Bachelor degrees: Bachelor of Law (LLB) and Bachelor of Arts (Political Science with Sociology). Additionally, he has obtained numerous certificates from various short-term skills training courses in Development Evaluations, Development Planning, Project Management & Project Administration and in Microfinance Management. His career involves the coordination of several development interventions in different fields including decentralised legislations, monitoring & evaluations and microcredit delivery. Has published many papers with special focus on social development and poverty reduction. Proficiencies acquired are:
 Seasoned aptitudes in monitoring programmes/project implementation & evaluations, development planning law, institutional development, gender consultancy and strategic planning.
 Considerable knowledge in development planning practice and project management.
 Relevant expertise for designing, managing and analysing socioeconomic and human resource dev’t projects.
 Industrial expertise in microfinance management: product research & development and informal financial intermediation programmes.
 Communication skills–oral, reading & writing in Akan, English, Ga and Guan (Larteh).
 Computer competences: Knowledge in standard industry softwares (ArcView GIS 2.3 & 8, QGIS, STATA, CartoDB, PeopleSoft ERP, etc.) for mapping technology, data visualization practices and analysis as well as Internet and Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Database Management, etc.)

**36 years’ experience in participatory training, research and evaluations.