I have about 15 years of professional experience in social science research, designs of baseline, monitoring and evaluation studies, Data Quality Assurance and Analytics (DQAA) and Report Writing. I am passionate about ensuring that development projects achieve intended impacts, through the development and use of public participation, Social Impact Assessment (SIA), and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) strategies. An ardent follower and a student of CoP-MfDR-Africa, a network that promotes knowledge exchange on how to manage development results. I do have strong interpersonal and communications skills, a self-motivating personality with a proven ability to manage demands and above all, am detail-oriented.

As a practising and seasoned statistical demographer, my expertise is applicable to vast fields that involve the human population including Health, Engineering, Education, Agriculture, Environment, ICT and Governance.

Recent engagements include; Gender and Youth Policy in Agriculture, Data Quality Assurance, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Social Due Diligence Audits, Resettlement Action Plans, and Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment for infrastructure projects (irrigation, power, water supply & sanitation and roads).

Well-versed with USAID Operational Policy (ADS), World Bank Operational Policies, EIB Environmental and Social Standards, Africa Development Bank’s Environmental and Social safeguard policies, JICA Guidelines for Environmental and Social Considerations, International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards as well as the Equator Principles.

Countries of work experience include Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, Tunisia, Cameroun, Ghana, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Niger and Somalia.


University of Nairobi

2007/2009 MSc Population Studies and Research

University of Nairobi

2005 BSc Statistics