·       Senior consultant as well as line-management for multi-stakeholder processes relevant to Health System Strengthening (HSS), HIV, TB, Malaria, Essential Medicines, Reproductive Health and Immunisation. 10 years in the private sector and academia in operations and supply chain management and 20 years in the health development sector.

·       Health systems strengthening, policy, human resource capacity, management information systems, commodity security and access, funding architecture, integrated systems, system sustainability and resilience, joint programming, pool fund arrangements, grant performance management monitoring, equitable access, health systems demand mapping and proposal development for Health System Strengthening for immunisation and HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria.   Currently Focal Point for Global Fund Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health thematic evaluation to assess current approaches to its investment portfolio.

·       Supply Chain Management – Assessment, design, review, support, integration, strengthening, project management and effectiveness monitoring, evaluation and harmonisation of health delivery systems including sustainability and transition to country budgets.  Cold chain strengthening support.

·       Procurement – Procurement assessment, system design, regulation, policy change and procurement reform. Procurement policy and governance reviews, evaluation, diagnostic reviews and audits including market shaping.

·       In-country health care systems evaluations and reviews undergoing health sector reform, SWAp, cost recovery, basket funding, programme harmonization, decentralization and transition out of donor partner support.  Joint Annual Reviews, Financial Management Assessments, Mid-Term Reviews. Quantitative and qualitative evaluations, systems performance and dialogue with stakeholders.

·       Innovative sustainability and transition strategies for countries leaving traditional donor support.

·       Market shaping support to ensure efficient procurement of quality commodities for sustainable supply and cost effectiveness.