Broadcast Resume and Alert System provide an incredible benefit for professionals who have an EvalCommunity profile

Broadcast Resume


Resume distribution

We broadcast your resume to over 28,000 international development recruiters, specialists, and organizations working in M&E, Impact Assessment, and other related fields.

Circulate your profile via 4 upcoming newsletters

With a dedicated section, your resume will be weekly circulated to the M&E International Community via EvalCommunity newsletters in the 4 upcoming issues.

Access to information

Apply to jobs online with your resume

SEO – Google search engine optimization on your name

Broadcast and Featured Resume


“Broadcast Resume” plan, plus:

Become a featured expert

Featured profile at the top of the International Database for 180 days

Publications of 4 featured articles, books, or studies on EvalCommunity Platform and promote them via 4 upcoming weekly newsletters

Broadcast and Alerts Premium


“Broadcast and Featured Resume” plan, plus:

Create your custom alerts by providing us the location (e.g. East – Africa) and  the keywords (e.g. Monitoring & Evaluation)

Receive 5 new M&E jobs in International Development a day, for 30 days. Configured on your custom alerts, each job will match with the location and keywords.

CV revision

Job matching insight and CV revision: a professional recruiter will analyze your CV and provide recommendations to improve its structure/format

We do a quick resume review to ensure consistency with the recruiters’ requirements, M&E Industry, and the top Organisations working in International Development and M&E.

Get Headhunted: Let M&E recruiters find you

What You Get

Connect with Recruiters

Broadcast and send your resume to a list of recruiters in your industry.  Promote your expertise to a large network of organizations.

Alerts System

Alerts system automatically deliver­­ the most relevant opportunities to  M&E professionals based on their EvalCommunity Candidate Profile.

Automated and personalized

These highly relevant job recommendations give candidates an immediate advantage in discovering the roles that best match their skills and ideal job preferences.

Higher conversion rates

 Candidates apply to the Broadcast and Alerts System at 32% higher conversion rates than for jobs they discover through keyword searches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why EvalCommunity and not a general job board?

EvalCommunity is a niche job board. Working with  28.000 +  organizations across 43 countries, EvalCommunity matches credible employers with the top M&E experts.

How to register as M&E expert?

Register as an M&E expert is easy:

  1. Select your plan and Sign In  to create your account;
  2. Fill out the form and submit your resume;
Register as expert

Complete your application, today!


Be proactive in your career!

Featured expert?

Let recruiters find you!

How to update my resume?

Your resume(s) can be viewed, edited, or removed at https://www.evalcommunity.com/myaccount/.

Who can become an expert?

If you have a degree in any relevant field and at least 5 years of experience, join the top Worldwide Network of the M&E in International Development.

How to search for the right job?

Use Broadcast and Alerts to automatically find fitting roles without needing to perform a search. M&E Professionals can access these features by creating or updating their profile on EvalCommunity and simply opting-into Broadcast and Alert System plans.

Why system alert?

Alerts simplify the user experience for M&E professionals in International Development by allowing them to see jobs fitting their skills and experience without performing a search,

CV & Resume - Is there a difference?

In the US and Canada, a resume is the standard for job applications. This is usually a 1-2 page career overview document dependant on your experience and profession. In the UK and Europe, a CV is the standard for job applications and typically goes into more detail than a North American resume.

Is my online payment secure? ?

Yes! Our website uses SSL meaning your connection to our site and all information uploaded is secure. We also run McAfee Website Protection on our site to protect your information even further. We use PayPal to process our payments which means we don’t see your card details. Your payment is processed directly through PayPal’s encrypted server giving you the protection of the world’s largest payment merchant.