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Recruit with us? Talent Acquisition Leaders trust EvalCommunity to help their teams achieve their hiring goals.


  • Evalcommunity is not just a job board, it’s a community for Monitoring and Evaluation professionals and recruiters to connect. Our platform was built to drive conversations throughout the workforce – helping our members discover new opportunities that match their skills and interests, and exposing employers to workers they won’t find in a search bar or on typical job sites.
  • Your decision to engage a recruiting firm should not be random – You want to work with a reliable and professional partner who knows the best way to reach your objectives quickly and cost-effectively.
  • We come from the M&E sector and are committed to serving it. 12 years of working only with the M&E sector and 10% of our profits go back to M&E projects we admire.
  • We are the first M&E and Impact Assessment specialist job site in the world. 1.3 million candidates searched for jobs on our website last year alone.
  • We find the “hidden,” hard-working M&E candidates that no one else can locate. We target active candidates who are dedicated to the M&E and Impact Assessment. 75k+ candidates view our job pages each month.  We can readily identify skilled M&E technical and managerial professionals who will meet your organization/company’s needs.
  • We are helping donors, governments, NGOs, and consultancy firms recruit the best specialists in Monitoring & Evaluation, Social or Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • We deliver outstanding advertising products and customer service. Our e-Recruitment service offers you the best value for money to fill your post or to build a team of evaluators for a tender.
  • We listen carefully to you in order to fully assess and understand your hiring goals.
  • We screen candidates thoroughly in order to determine their abilities and career plans. We reduce the  gap between the education and experience that a job seeker has and the education and experience needed for the vacancy
  • We have built our business on our strategies for the excellent recruitment process,  undertaking partial or full responsibility for the recruitment process.  


What do you get?  

  • Hire the strongest, most relevant  professionals 10X faster
  • Reduce your staffing charges and hiring costs
  • Receive an email  when new candidates apply to your positions
  • A selection of 3–5 applicants
  • Availability and interest confirmed
  • Reference and background checks
  • Risk-free formula to the result (only executive search plan)

Our display ads work to garner the attention of active Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) or Impact Assessment specialists who may not otherwise locate your job posting or other career-related websites.  Take a proactive approach to a source with access to the International Database of Experts in Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) or Impact Assessment.

Price – We offer different levels of partnerships, depending on your needs

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Our Recruitment Service in 7 steps

The service is used to help customers to recruit the best candidate. EvalCommunity Recruitment service matches candidates to job vacancies, working with companies directly to help fill their roles. We assist our customers in finding the best people to staff their business. We’ll attract candidates, screen them and match them to appropriate positions.

The EvalCommunity’s work includes the following:

1. Open position

The first step of this process occurs when a client calls us with an open position that they need help filling. EvalCommunty will then get all the details they need to start working on the role. This involves more than just getting a job description as well as the initial needs assessment with customers to formulate criteria for candidate selection, corporate background, position, salary, and location specifics.


2. Posting a job

Our team posts the open job on our website, and partner’s relevant job boards, and may also be advertised on social media sites.


3. Identification of potential candidates – preliminary screening

Using the reputation of EvalCommunity, various methods are employed by our team in order to advertise the open position and attract the best candidates. We identify the potential candidates through our résumé database review, professional networking, calls, direct contacts, text and email campaigns, advertising, and leads. This is where the applicants’ skills and personalities are going to be tested and evaluated, to ascertain whether they are a good fit for the job and its description.


4. Candidate screening through résumé reviews and interviews

Candidates that are approved by our team to interview will be placed in the interview status. Initial interview – We present the job offer to the candidates and start building a list of candidates.  The candidate list is built concurrently with outreach into the market and continues building primarily through targeted research and outreach, referrals, and networking. We partner with our clients through open dialogue to discuss all of the candidates in the long list, and together, arrive at a shortlist whom the client will meet with.


5. Final Interviews

The top candidate(s) will be invited back for additional call meetings with our team or the key stakeholders for the final interview/s.

6. Referral of screened and interviewed candidates to Customer

The EvalCommunity endeavors to ensure the suitability of any candidate introduced to the Customer by obtaining confirmation of the candidate’s identity; that the candidate has the experience, training, qualifications, and any authorization which the Customer considers necessary or which may be required by law or by any professional body; and that the Applicant is willing to work in the position which the Customer seeks to fill.

Once the recruiter team has determined the candidates match the experience and personality that a Client needs, AND that the candidate is still interested in the position, we will present a 3-5 person shortlist of candidates to the client.

7. Verification of candidate references when requested by Customer

Once our client has decided on their preferred candidates, we begin completing references while offer negotiation takes place.  Typically: 2 former bosses, 1 peer, and 1 direct report. – Reference checks are performed outside of EvalCommunity and then submitted with the search materials.


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