Recruit with us? Talent Acquisition Leaders trust EvalCommunity to help their teams achieve their hiring goals.

  • Your decision to engage a recruiting firm should not be random – You want to work with a reliable and professional partner who knows the best way to reach your objectives quickly and cost-effectively.
  • We come from the M&E sector and are committed to serving it. 12 years of working only with the M&E sector and 10% of our profits go back to M&E projects we admire.
  • We are the first M&E and Impact Assessment specialist job site in the world. 1.3 million candidates searched for jobs on our website last year alone.
  • We find the “hidden,” hard-working M&E candidates that no one else can locate. We target active candidates who are dedicated to the M&E and Impact Assessment. 75k+ candidates view our job pages each month.  We can readily identify skilled M&E technical and managerial professionals who will meet your organization/company’s needs.
  • We are helping donors, governments, NGOs, and consultancy firms recruit the best specialists in Monitoring & Evaluation, Social or Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • We deliver outstanding advertising products and customer service. Our e-Recruitment service offers you the best value for money to fill your post or to build a team of evaluators for a tender.
  • We listen carefully to you in order to fully assess and understand your hiring goals.
  • We screen candidates thoroughly in order to determine their abilities and career plans. We reduce the  gap between the education and experience that a job seeker has and the education and experience needed for the vacancy
  • We have built our business on our strategies for the excellent recruitment process,  undertaking partial or full responsibility for the recruitment process.  

What do you get?  

  • Hire the strongest, most relevant  professionals 10X faster
  • Reduce your staffing charges and hiring costs
  • Receive an email  when new candidates apply to your positions
  • A selection of 3–5 applicants
  • Availability and interest confirmed
  • Reference and background checks

Our display ads work to garner the attention of active Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) or Impact Assessment specialists who may not otherwise locate your job posting or other career-related websites.  Take a proactive approach to a source with access to the International Database of Experts in Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) or Impact Assessment.

Price – We offer different levels of partnerships, depending on your needs

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