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Why partner with us?

EvalCommunity is the #1 International development dashboard jobs, events calendar, and consultancy network DEDICATED only to the M&E and Impact Assessment Community. We bring together donors, governments, universities, consultancy firms, NGOs, and experts working in planning, monitoring, evaluation, social or environmental impact assessment, research, learning, knowledge management, and international development.

How is EvalCommunity different from other places where I can post jobs and what problem does it solve?

The problem with looking for an M&E job today is that many high-caliber jobs are not publicly listed in the niche job dashboards. Generic Job dashboards (Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.) show job listings to millions of people who are looking for career opportunities. And this leads to many unqualified candidates applying for jobs. As a result, it’s hard for M&E professionals to be in the know about all the potential positions available around the world. EvalCommunity is helping to solve this problem and make this incredibly frustrating process far more efficient and effective: match the right people with the right jobs.

How to become a partner organization?

If your organization has many vacancies and you’re hiring

If your organization is planning to organize training, conferences, workshops

Recruit the best specialists in M&E and Impact Assessment


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