Partner Program – Rewards, 20.00% of every sale made! 

Our Partner Program is open to organizations and individuals around the world who want to work with us to deliver the opportunities in Monitoring & Evaluation, Social Impact and Environmental Assessment: jobs, tenders, events, resources and experts.

How our Partner Program Works

  • You must be accepted into the EvalCommunity Partner Program and sign the EvalCommunity Partner agreement.
  • You will be allowed to promote and sell EvalCommunity Products and Services
  • EvalCommunity Program Partners are rewarded for selling jobs, tenders and events plans for our platform. Free job posting offer does not apply to job sites or all staffing agencies. Terms, conditions and limits apply.
  • When you refer a new customer to EvalCommunity you’ll be rewarded 20% of all plan payments during the first year. That’s a full 12 months of commissions.

Applying to be an EvalCommunity Partner

Our Partner Program is open to individuals and organizations of all sizes and in all regions. To express interest in joining the program, please contact us.

Have a One-Off Sales Opportunity as a Reseller?

If you have a one-off sales opportunity you would like to discuss, please contact us.


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