Job Title: Deputy Managing Director, General Practice

Reports to: Managing Director, General Practice

FLSA Status: Exempt

Prepared Date: August 2021

Organization Overview 

Project Evident exists to help organizations harness the power of evidence to achieve greater  impact. We do this by offering a comprehensive platform of tools, resources, and services to  help state education agencies, local education agencies, nonprofits and funders improve how  they measure, evaluate, and report results, while strengthening their ability to act using this  evidence.

Project Evident strives to be a trusted partner – to practitioners, funders, and other  stakeholders committed to stronger, meaningful, and equitable outcomes for communities and  individuals so that all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. ( Language drawn from PolicyLink’s definition of equity with their permission.)We believe in the  power of data and evidence to address social and racial justice, and seek to advance a next  generation ecosystem for actionable evidence building and use. We lean into our mission  through our values, specifically:

● Practitioner Focused – We center on practitioners and ground our work in their needs  and contexts. We help practitioners strengthen meaningful and equitable outcomes for  the communities and individuals they serve and lift up their work so it can be better  understood and supported by funders and policy makers.

● Committed to Learning, Inclusion, and Transparency – We are frank, honest, and  compassionate with our colleagues, clients, funders, and stakeholders. We seek input  and feedback from a wide range of voices and share our learnings openly with others.  We recognize that evidence is not immune from the racism and inequities that exist in  our society and strive to understand the context in which we operate and to uphold the  principles of belonging, dignity, and justice through our work.

● Smart, Warm, Approachable and Productive –

  • ○ Smart – we strive to find practical, implementable solutions.
  • ○ Warm – we bring an attitude of heart and positivity and work through discomfort.
  • ○ Approachable – we keep open and curious minds, welcoming differing viewpoints  and valuing the ideas and experiences of our partners.
  • ○ Productive – we hold ourselves accountable to the goals and timelines we set  with our colleagues and partners, and course correct as needed.

● Oriented to Actionable Evidence – We work with partners to build and use relevant and  timely data and evidence to continuously learn, improve, and make meaningful,  equitable, and cost-effective decisions both for ourselves and partnering organizations.

Position Summary – Deputy Managing Director  

Reporting to the Managing Director (MD), the Deputy Managing Director (DMD) role is  instrumental in ensuring the sustainable growth and impact of the General Practice and for  Project Evident overall. A DMD is passionate about building a healthy team and delivering high  impact projects for nonprofits, philanthropies and local government. In addition, a DMD works  closely with the Managing Director to ensure that the General Practice achieves its business  objectives and creates an environment that promotes staff commitment to the achievement of  the organizational vision, mission, and strategy.

A DMD also has overarching responsibility for business development, operations, improvement  of the practice, and will lead engagement delivery for a portfolio of clients. A DMD is also  responsible for ensuring the provision of credible research information to support program  design, tool development, implementation, monitoring, and communications. In this capacity  she/he/they can step in for the Managing Director as needed and are responsible for the overall  health and sustainability of the direct services vertical with a focus on leading high impact client  engagements, advancing business development to achieve financial targets, developing talent  and supervising staff and contributing to data collection, content development and learning to  support effective knowledge management, field building and communications across Project  Evident.

As a leader in the organization, the DMD will be expected to uphold and deepen PE culture and  values including principles of belonging, dignity and justice. She/he/they will contribute to a  healthy context for team development so that all members are well supported and performing  well. She/he/they will help advance PE as a trusted partner in equitable and impactful  evidence-building efforts and will make valuable contributions to field building and thought  leadership. As such she/he/they will promote a unified culture overall.

The DMD role will interface predominantly with direct services staff to ensure delivery of  effective engagements as well as other team members to ensure integration with PE-wide  operations and policy and fielding building efforts. This role may interface with Project Evident  Board members, investors and other key external stakeholders.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience in a consulting, nonprofit, education/government agency policy or research environment with proven business  development, supervision and consulting experience and P&L responsibility; a track record in  collaborative business development, helping to ensure the business development operations  enable effective and sustainable project delivery; experience managing, developing and  coaching staff at all levels in a high performance culture; and committed to actionable and  equitable evidence building principles and a passion for practitioner centric data and evaluation  practice.

Essential Duties 

The core responsibilities of this position include:

Business Development Operations (20%)  

● Lead collaborative business development effort and manage operations to put forward  projects with scopes are effectively written, teams are well staffed with appropriate  expertise and diversity and that allocations are well managed to meet delivery and  learning objectives.

● Focus on specific domains for business development, as appropriate based on skills,  background, and strategy. Test demand, and build plans for business growth in specific  domains.

● Track pipeline and win/loss rates, following up to learn and making improvements when  bids are unsuccessful.

● Monitor field developments to strengthen Project Evident positioning.

● Generate new leads, build pipeline, and close deals to meet revenue targets.

● Advance Business Development goals and generate new pipeline and revenue  opportunities to promote organizational and vertical sustainability.

● Generate market insights to inform business development priorities.

● Develop and inform winning proposals, grants and RFPs to secure new opportunities.

● Manage and contribute to content development, R&D and knowledge management  efforts to advance client work and internal learning and generate new ideas that  practitioners and funders can use to build actionable evidence.

● Contribute to case studies, presentations and other field building and communication  priorities.

● Stay current and engaged in the fields of data, evidence & policy to ensure knowledge of  key trends, best practices, innovation, and access to high quality evaluation resources.

Engagement Delivery (60%)

● Scope projects such that they can be delivered on time and on budget.

● Lead engagements and deliver impactful technical assistance and evidence strategy utilizing effective project management capabilities to ensure that projects are well  delivered.

● Provide subject matter expertise, coaching and advisement across direct services teams  on data analysis, evaluation methods, project management and strategic recommendations.

● Build new products as required to meet client needs. This may include building new  domain-specific products aligned with strategy.

● Test and refine processes and procedures for efficiency.

General Management / Leadership (20%)  

● Contribute to general management and build internal culture to ensure the team is  effective and efficient in line with values and leadership expectations.

● Successfully manage staff, client and contractor relationships and provide excellent  supervision and coaching to direct reports and across the team.

● As a senior leader, serve on the Project Evident management team to advance the  culture, goals and strategy of the organization.

● Represent Project Evident at major events/venues on evidence building and/or  evaluation.

● Coordinate with other DMDs on shared culture objectives, such as building a mentoring  model for staff, trainings, and knowledge and thought leadership.

● Make recommendations for membership on the National Evaluation Advisory Board.

● Active use of Salesforce, internal tech stack and external data sources to make  decisions, generate reports and promote internal data informed culture.

● Help build the bank of talent for both staff and shared services partners.

● Other duties as assigned.

Education and/or Experience 

● Master’s degree or equivalent experience required.

● Demonstrated experience in a consulting, nonprofit, education/government agency  policy or research environment with proven business development, supervision and  consulting experience and P&L responsibility.

● Strong track record in collaborative business development, helping to ensure the  business development operations enable effective and sustainable project delivery.

● Experience developing new products and tools to meet client requirements.

● Experience managing, developing and coaching staff at all levels in a high performance  culture.

● Strong command of survey tools and design and databases including Salesforce.

● Experience using common cloud-based productivity tools, e.g., Google Docs, Office 365, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Docs, Microsoft Office programs specifically  Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and strong command of staffing, budgeting and project  management practices.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 

● Excellent business development operations ability with strong track record assembling  teams to meet client, budget and impact needs.

● Deep knowledge of the social sector and ability to track trends.

● Commitment to actionable and equitable evidence building principles and track record of  practitioner centric data and evaluation practice.

● Excellent project, client and process management skills, with proven ability to lead  teams, manage allocations and deliver high quality consulting engagements on time and  on budget.

● Excellent oral and written communication skills, with a proven ability to write clear and  concise reports and memos, generate accurate, quantitative, visual reports, and  develop quick and quality presentations.

● Strategic and analytical thinker with the ability to communicate clearly to promote  positive action.

● Efficient researcher, comfortable with secondary resources and able to synthesize and  analyze material at pace.

● Excellent facilitation skills and ability to lead engagement and project teams.

● Comfort with ambiguity and ability to adjust, adapt and respond to rapidly  changing priorities, comfortable in an early stage, client serving environment  with fast deadlines.

● Problem solver, active listener who seeks clarification, asks questions, and  surfaces solutions.

● Commitment to high performance culture, participate in giving and receiving  feedback and belief in continuous and self-improvement.

● Strong learning orientation – the ability to learn and grow from mistakes and help  others do the same.

● Ability to work effectively with multiple stakeholders who may have evolving priorities.

● Superior organizational skills, commitment to high-quality work product, and attention to  detail.

● Ability to interface with diverse staff and partners in various domains, contributing to a  culture of belonging, dignity and justice.

● Unwavering commitment to service and customer orientation.

● High level of maturity, empathy, and grace under pressure.

Organizational Relationship  

Reports to the Managing Director and supervises directors and analysts. Works collaboratively  with clients, contractors, staff, board members, investors and other stakeholders on a regular  basis to meet goals in line with organizational values.

Physical Demands 

● Ability to sit, talk and listen continuously for up to 8 hours per day.

● Requires fine motor skills, such as typing for up to 4 hours continuously.

Work Environment 

● Ability to work with a virtual team.

● Expected travel to meet client needs when virtual is not optimal.

● Expected to work 40-50 hours per week.

● Location is flexible although New York is preferred.

Submission and Interview Process 

Candidates wishing to be considered for this position, must submit a cover letter and resume to  careers@projectevident.org.

Reasonable accommodation will be made so that applicants with qualifying disabilities may  participate in the application process. Please advise in writing of special needs at the time of  application.

Project Evident, a project of Tides Center, is an “at-will” and equal opportunity employer.  Applicants and employees shall not be discriminated against because of race, religion, sex,  national origin, ethnicity, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender (including  pregnancy and gender expression) identity, color, marital status, veteran status, medical  condition, or any other classification protected by federal, state, or local law or ordinance.