IMPORTANT: Although this is a remote position, we are looking for candidates in the Western Hemisphere to align with common time zones.

There are people who are strategic. There are people who are creative. There are people who are analytical. It’s the rare person who is all. Are you?

Then we need you – to gather data and views from small business owners around the globe and unlock important insights that will drive decisions to create more jobs for communities in need.

Before, you may have been uncovering consumer or purchaser insights. In this position at Bpeace, you will be leveraging your knowledge and applying your skills at a mission-driven organization and award-winning nonprofit.

In your role, you will engage directly with the entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Bpeace global portfolio that are engines of economic growth in their communities. Since the majority of our portfolio is based in Central America, the Impact Director must have fluency in Spanish.

We have created this new full-time position to enhance the insights we extract from analyzing the outcome of our work. Your will help us monitor our performance, make decisions on our service delivery, inform our institutional donors on the effectiveness of our programs, and develop reports and content that are valuable to all our stakeholders.

The Bpeace international staff is a tight-knit team of 10 working remotely, all in different locations. The Impact Director will provide technical leadership to Bpeace’s monitoring, evaluation and learning activities. The primary responsibility is to transform how we:

–Define, collect, codify and analyze quantitative and qualitative data;
–Use the insights from the data to continually improve our program design and delivery;
–Communicate the impact of our work to our diverse stakeholders; and
–Facilitate and meet compliance reporting requirements with institutional donors.

The Impact Director will report to the Bpeace Chief Program Officer (CPO), who is a direct report to the Bpeace CEO.



The Impact Director will be center of gravity for all of Bpeace’s efforts to evolve and reinforce our culture of continuous learning–analyze, adjust, and advance–with the goal to maximize the impact of our work with small businesses in creating jobs.

Specifically, the Impact Director will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing and analyzing our current monitoring, evaluating and measurement practices; developing and implementing strategies, processes and tools to fill identified gaps.
  • Overseeing staff data collection, ensuring quality and consistency. Enhance staff capabilities to implement processes.
  • Continue to elevate how Fast Runner businesses use their data to make strategic decisions.
  • Analyzing the small business evaluative data and producing detailed impact reports.
  • Leading the organization in the design and development of data collection instruments, including, but not limited to, overhauling our annual “census” gathering where we ask100+ small businesses for data related to revenue and job growth and other indicators.
  • Set new indicators mapped to our Theory of Change; and develop the methods and work plan to gather and analyze and streamline processes.
  • Translate data into simple, powerful messages; communicate impact and progress towards program and organizational goals to a variety of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ensure findings from impact data analysis are effectively communicated in donor reports, articles, case studies; and, through social media, website, and other forums.
  • Liaise with donors upon request and assist with business development efforts as assigned, including assisting in proposal design, writing and reporting.


The Impact Manager is part of the leadership team at Bpeace. S/he must be comfortable working 100% remotely and on Zoom and Slack for good chunks of every day.

We are looking for an experienced professional who has:

  • Seven+ years of experience developing strategy, research and measurement methods and tools, evaluation criteria, as well as extracting insights and articulating implications on services, stakeholders and decision making.
  • Writing talent demonstrated in a crisp, concise compelling, creative style.
  • A portfolio of reports, case histories, PPT presentations, and/or videos that demonstrate the research you worked on, the insights you developed, and the creative ways you communicated the outcomes to decision makers. These materials should demonstrate your ability to interpret and synthesize information, generating useful insights that can be readily understood and acted upon by others.
  • Excellent research skills; experience working with quantitative and qualitative tools, templates and best practices.
  • Data analysis and data visualization skills.


  • Minimum, undergraduate degree.
  • Experience with Salesforce preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, extensive cross-cultural awareness to communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds.
  • Exceptional relationship building skills; demonstrated trust building skills, as well as the ability to motivate and inspire.
  • Team-oriented, collaborative self-starter, creative problem solver who responds with ease to changing priorities.
  • Strong sense of adventure, creativity, curiosity, and possibility in pushing forward boundaries in measuring and communicating impact.
  • Fluency in Spanish is a plus.
  • When it is deemed safe, ability to travel internationally.

With headquarters based in the U.S., Bpeace is a remote organization, no office is provided.


Only candidates who meet the qualifications of the position should apply. Please submit a resume and cover letter outlining relevant capabilities and why you are the best candidate for the position, and email to jobs@bpeace.org.


  • Improve the existing survey tool we use to gather quantitative data from the 100+ small businesses in our portfolio. Define a workplan for the Bpeace field staff to collect the data. Staff relationships with these businesses is key to them trusting us with this confidential financial data. Monitor the performance of the staff in gathering the data. Analyze the data and prepare various visualizations of the findings, i.e., Excel, PPT.
  • Determine what qualitative paths to pursue after analyzing the data. We don’t know what methods you might use, but it might involve Zoom interviews, focus groups, role playing, peer problem solving, etc. We will be looking for the stories behind the numbers. For example, if a business created 10 jobs, did our Skillanthropists impart something specifically that was the tipping point to create those jobs? And what was the impact of those jobs on families?
  • Decision making. Package the outcome of your work so that we can make decisions on, for example, the services we offer, the design and methodology for delivering those services, how we might alter the criteria in selecting small businesses for our program.
  • Compliance. Also package the outcome of your work into compliance reports required by our institutional donors which include USAID. These are detailed Excel and word documents that must conform to their frameworks. In some cases these might require case histories on up to 15 Fast Runners in a portfolio funded by this donor.
  • Marketing. And finally, package the outcome of your work into caselets, stories, videos that Bpeace can use to enhance its brand (impact and job creation).
  • Develop and distribute short “feedback loops” surveys to participants to ask how they are adapting the concepts they learned to their businesses. Analyze the findings and communicate implications to the program team.
  • Provide strategic writing support to other members of the Bpeace team as they communicate any number of items to persuade different audiences to take action.
  • Direct our video editor to slice various videos for communication, compliance and marketing purposes.
  • Direct our graphic designer to enhance the comprehension of your reports with specific graphics.

About Bpeace

The Business Council for Peace (Bpeace) is an award-winning nonprofit working in crisis-affected communities to grow small businesses, create significant employment for all, and expand the economic power of women. More jobs mean less violence.®

We deliver high-quality business consulting through volunteer business experts we call “Skillanthropists,” to carefully vetted small businesses we call “Fast Runners.”

Together we are in pursuit of a common vision: that employment is the bridge to education, poverty reduction, improved health and ultimately less violence; and that jobs for women are vital to women’s advancement and to elevating their peaceful influence on society.

In 2021, Bpeace Skillanthropists are working with 100+ small-business owners in the U.S., El Salvador, Guatemala and Afghanistan. More than 20,000 family members depend on the jobs these Fast Runners provide.