BSRI has a need for a Full-time, upper-level applied evaluation manager to begin in January 2021. The candidate should have a PhD in psychology, public health, or other applicable social sciences or health-related field. Candidates with a Master of Arts or Science degree in related fields and 4+ years of experience in evaluation are also encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will have strong knowledge and application of theory-based evaluation, evaluation design implementation, research methods, and quantitative skills (SPSS preferred). The candidate should also have experience in grant-writing and be familiar with structures of community-based healthcare settings. The candidate must be able to integrate into the current BSRI team structure and small-business work flow, as well as communicate professionally with partner organizations within the South Florida community. Priority will be given to candidates who are bilingual English-Spanish speakers and writers.  Salary is commensurate with experience.

Job Title: Senior Evaluation Associate

Reports To: Executive Director and Associate Director

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

Contribute to effective program and system designs for multiple BSRI projects by carrying out the following:

  • Identify, critically review and synthesize relevant literature to promote learning and inform planning efforts, using academic search tools, the world wide web, professional evaluation resources and direct contacts with model programs.
  • Lead program and systems evaluation and/or research design, planning, and implementation.
  • Lead and/or support development of grant applications on behalf of BSRI or in partnership with BSRI partners.
  • Lead development of tools and workplans to launch newly funded programs specific to quality implementation and program evaluation data.

Design and maintain sound data collection tools and systems to capture meaningful program, operational and community data in a user-friendly, accessible manner, by carrying out the following:

  • Review and identify reliable and valid measurement instruments for quantity, quality and outcomes performance measures that yield meaningful results and are practical for use with real world, diverse Miami-Dade County populations.
  • Design  basic survey, interview, focus group and structured field observation tools for projects, when needed.
  • Set up data reporting systems parameters for clients and teams to enter participant, attendance, and outcomes data.
  • Support the development and use of program metrics and reporting dashboards for continuous learning and improvement, as well as aggregation and trending across programs over time.
  • Conduct on-site program quality observations and ratings.

Analyze and make meaning from available data to tell our stories using compelling visualizations and reports, with an intentional focus on the specific audience and purpose of the message, by carrying out the following:

  • Apply participatory planning and evaluation methods to consider the data context, including program environments, cultural factors and input/feedback from participants.
  • Engage in learning conversations with stakeholders on evaluation findings and recommendations.
  • Ongoing data management, including cleaning, merging and organizing large quantitative data sets, creating/updating data dictionaries/audit trails, and preparing datasets for analysis.
  • Perform data analyses, including developing and running data queries and syntax in SPSS and Excel, creating/updating documentation of analysis steps/audit trails.
  • Utilize appropriate statistical (inferential) and sampling techniques to ensure high levels of confidence and reliability of results.
  • Participate in development, maintenance and implementation of comprehensive research and evaluation plans for each initiative and for cross-initiative projects, including use of secondary data sources, in collaboration with community stakeholders.
  • Analyze, synthesize and interpret data at the program and initiative levels and create statistical, technical and narrative reports when needed.
  • Disseminate findings at various local, state and national conferences, meetings and publications.
  • Participate on committees and groups that involve BSRI client and partners research and evaluation projects when needed.

Other duties to be assigned, including serving on core teams executing special projects related to organizational priorities.

Additional Capabilities:

·        Team management

·        Organizational skills

·        Timelining / Project Management

·        Soft skills (e.g. leadership and professional mentorship)

·        Knowledge and understanding of Miami-Dade systems, funders, culture, and political context

All eligible applicants interested please submit your CV and cover letter to our Office Manager, Melanie Gonzalez, at mgonzalez@bsrinstitute.org