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1. Navigate to the “My Account” page

If you have an annual subscription plan, you can post unlimited jobs for 1 year.

  • First, navigate to the “My Account” page at the top right corner of the main menu.

2. Login

Log in and select the option “Employer’s Dashboard – Post Unlimited Jobs

  • You should log in as the employer of your organization’s EvalCommunity page using your credentials. Remember, this is different from a user profile on the site and only users with an employer’s profile and permission can post a new role, manage or edit jobs. (From your account dashboard, you can view your recent orders, manage your billing addresses, and edit your password and account details.)
  • Once you’ve navigated to your account, you should select the “Employer’s Dashboard – Post Unlimited Jobs“ option available to the employers with an annual subscription plan under the section “I’ m an Employer”.

3. Enter job details

Next, you should be able to start inputting details and information about the job. When it comes to job listings, generally the rule is the more details the better.

4. Preview the job posting

You can see a preview of the job posting before it goes live online.


5. Choose package and submit the new job

In the preview header, a “Choose package” button will be shown. When clicked, the choose a package screen will be displayed. This page lists all Job Package products and previously purchased active job packs.

Clicks “Submit”. The job will be added to the cart, referencing the Job ID.


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