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Join over 27,000 other organizations like yours who use EvalCommunity to hire great M&E specialists fast

Getting your job posted to employer sites or reliable job boards is one thing, but getting good applicants is another. Post jobs on EvalCommunity and find qualified candidates. Hiring a recruiter is not an option, as it costs tens of thousands of dollars.

  1. Get started at  by selecting a plan.
  2. Employer fills in the job submission form: “Enter information about the company, enter information about the job”
  3. Employer “Previews” the job
  4. In the preview header, a “Choose package” button will be shown. When clicked, the choose a package screen will be displayed. This page lists all Job Package products and previously purchased active job packs
  5. Employer “Chooses a package”, and selects one of 3 payment methods: “Credit Card, Check Payment or Pay by invoice or bank transfer “.
  6. Clicks “Submit”. If this is a new package, it will be added to the cart, referencing the Job ID. Once paid and submitted, the job will be approved by the administrator within 12 hours, and the package assigned to the employer’s account.

Viewing Purchased Packages

Users can view their purchased/active job packs on their My Account” page. It will show the main highlights of each pack as well as the jobs remaining.

Note that this section only displays if the user has at least one job remaining from any package.

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