Glossary of Key Terms on Evaluation and Results Based Management – The OECD/DAC Working Party on Aid Evaluation (WP-EV) has developed this glossary of key terms in evaluation and results-based management because of the need to clarify concepts and to reduce the terminological confusion frequently encountered in these areas.

Impact Management Glossary  – When it comes to assessing and managing impact, many terms mean different things to different people, or different words are often used to mean the same thing. The glossary currently covers approximately 325 terms in common usage related to impact measurement in disciplines working in this space. This glossary is not intended to be a comprehensive repository of terms used in any one discipline; rather, it is the product of a collaborative attempt to clarify the similarities and differences in language usage among a number of disciplines that often interact.

Impact Dictionary – Formulated During the American Evaluation Associations Annual Conference in Atlanta the Impact Dictionary is aimed at streamlining Communication among M&E, Impact Investing & International Development Communities.

Monitoring and Evaluation Glossary A lot of terminology can be associated with monitoring and evaluation, and vocabulary definitions can vary widely. Some terms seem to have overlapping definitions–for instance, in the different ways logic models, theories of change and logical frameworks (logframes) can be defined.

Evaluation Glossary App was developed by Kylie Hutchinson of Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation. It combines over 600 terms related to evaluation, program planning, and research derived from various sources.

Sportanddev –  Glossary of key terms in monitoring and evaluation Terms used in monitoring and evaluation are often technical and difficult to understand. Rather than providing set definitions of each term, this glossary aims to provide pragmatic, user-friendly explanations of what these terms mean.