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Find a M&E job in 30 days

7 Steps To Help You Find a Monitoring and Evaluation Job in 30 Days

EvalCommunity Resume Writing Services

Step 1 - Get started with Resume Writing Service

Feel like you are endlessly applying for jobs and never hearing back? Or are you simply ready to level up and land your dream job

Did you know that an employer decides if they want to interview you within the first 15 seconds of scanning your resume and cover letter?

Step 2 - Resume Review

Get a confidential review from a M&E resume expert: style & organization, writing & mechanics, and ATS analysis.

This resume critique is intended to give you an honest, straightforward assessment and some suggestions to help in your M&E job search.

Resume review service

Step 3 - Choose a resume template required by the hiring organization

A resume builder can be defined as an interactive online tool that comes with different resume templates that can be used for a wide range of industries. The templates have multiple eye-catching themes to match the style of the job applicant.

You should always make sure that your resume is filled well and organized professionally. When going through job applications, recruiters are most likely going to go through well-organized resumes compared to those that are not.

Step 4 - Receive Career Professional Kit

Resume Templates, Cover Letter Templates, Interview thank you email templates, Monitoring and Evaluation Interview Questions and Answers. Active verbs in Monitoring and Evaluation and how to include them in your resume.

Resume and cover letter templates that have helped land amazing Monitoring and Evaluation roles at UNDP, Google, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, and more.

Professional Kit
Receive 5 jobs per day for 30 days

Step 5 - Receive 5 jobs per day for 30 days

Receive by email, 5 new M&E jobs per day in International Development for 30 days. Configured on your custom alerts, each job will match one of your criteria: location or organization

Every daily job alert email includes a list of 5 job postings that match your search criteria.

Step 6 - Scan your resume

78 percent of job applications in Monitoring and Evaluation and International Development are rejected before they are seen by human eyes. Before your resume reaches the hands of a hiring manager, it must pass a series of checks by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Modify your resume by using EvalCommunity Resume Scanner to fit each position and ensure you're submitting quality applications. Scan your resume for the missing keywords in your CV. Beat the ATS by adding in your resume the keywords of the job description.

EvalCommunity Scanner
Receive 5 jobs per day for 30 days

Step 7 - Start applying for M&E Jobs

You are ready to apply for the jobs that you receive by email. Submit 5 M&E jobs per day in International Development for 30 days.

Dont't forget to scan your resume for keywords every time you apply for a job. Add the missing keywords and beat the ATS.

Now that you know how to find a Monitoring and Evaluation Job in 30 Days, it’s time to start building your career in M&E.

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