We do collect jobs and tenders from non-partner organisations, but only jobs and tenders from partners and regular collaborators are actively promoted to the International Community of Experts in M&E and Impact Assessment. Non-promoted consultancies  are much less visible.

You can modify your resume, manage yourself the candidate dashboard, edit, review, correct and modify in any time. Please remember 3 following steps to modify your resume:

The first thing to do is to open an EvalCommunity account and to join the international database of experts in  M&E, Social Impact and Environmental Expert, if you are not registered yet at https://www.evalcommunity.com/experts/register-expert.  For more opportunities published by EvalCommunity, you should register to receive regular Newsletters: jobs, tenders, events and news  at https://www.evalcommunity.com/newsletter/.

Need collaboration?

If you need a collaboration, you can find  the consultants by name or by country interested in bidding for a call or to serve on teams and send a private message. You can post and share your announcement with all available experts and scale with specialists, easily collaborating and communicating anywhere via our platform. It’s free for EvalCommunity members.

Contact us by providing the name of VOPE, contact person and email.  After receiving, we will publish your VOPE in EvalCommunity Directory to be available to the international community.


We would recommend you post the details at https://www.evalcommunity.com/post-a-journal/   and we will publish your Journal in EvalCommunity Directory to be available to the international community of evaluators.

It’s free.

The organizer event can submit directly the events at https://www.evalcommunity.com/submit-your-event/  providing the following details:

  • Event Name
  • Start/End date
  • Event type
  • Description of events
  • Submission deadline (if applicable)
  • Venue name
  • Address, city, country
  • Organizer name
  • Email
  • Event website

You can submit a list by sending us an email at info@evalcommunity.com and providing the below details:

  • Job or Tender Title:
  • Job or Tender Description:
  • Location: (city/country)
  • Application email/URL:
  • Job or Tender Region:
  • Job type (full time, part time, tender, call):
  • Job or Tender Description:
  • Closing date:
  • Company / organization name:
  • Description of organization:
  • Website:
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter: (optional)
  • Other information: (optional)
  • PDF format (recommended)


  • Create an user account by entering the required information and sign in. If you are a returning customer please login at the top of the page My Account “
  • Click on the “Post Jobs and Tenders” button on the main navigation section, under Jobs and tenders at  https://www.evalcommunity.com/post-jobs-tenders/
  • Choose your package
  • Fill out the form and submit the job or tender: Postings to the website may include permanent positions, temporary positions, transfers, secondments, contracts, requests for proposals, all within the public or private sector. All posted items should refer to evaluation or an evaluation-related discipline. 

Successful evaluators, social impact consultants, environmental assessment staff, applied researchers, grant-makers, foundation program officers, non-profit administrators, academic staff or qualified students and other professionals will demonstrate:

  • evidence of graduate level degree any relevant fields;
  • at least three years of experience in Monitoring & Evaluation, or Social Impact, or Environmental Assessment or more than five years of experience in Research and Analysis, or excellent analytical and communications skills and knowledge of quantitative and/or qualitative research methods;
  • Sign In and complete the Register Form. Choose a Medium to Strong Password to allow you to open an EvalCommunity account;
  • Return to the Register as Expert Page, fill out the form and submit your resume;
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