Join the  P2P eMentoring  Program

The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) eMentoring Program is a is a secure online mentoring system, an  innovative approach  of mentoring that encourages Networking & Peer Learning and allows the experts to act as:

  • a mentor, menthee, or both
  • a P2P mentor to set up collaboration or partnership between experts, or share tasks or workloads between peers

How it works?

  • Create your profile – Register as Expert in the International Database of Experts in M&E and Impact Assessment: junior, mid-level, senior or senior executive. It will take 1 – 3 days to review your expert’s profile. If approved, your profile will be visible to all the International Community of Experts working in M&E, Impact Assessment and International Development.
  • Contact the advisory committee –  After approval as Registered Expert, fill out the form by expressing your interest to become mentor, mentees, or both in the Comment/Message  field. Please, provide your personal information, your technical and management practice or related competencies.
  • Your profile is under review – You will be notified of Advisory Committee decision on your application, usually 1 – 3 monthly period.
  • Reach out – You will be able to start mentoring once your profile as Mentor or menthee, or both is approved. You can Contact an Expert and ask  for a mentor, or notify others of your availability to mentor them, or to express your interest in an eventual collaboration. If you e-mail an eventual mentor or P2P mentor to express your interest in starting a new mentoring conversation, you should attach a copy of your CV and a short biography. Let your future mentor or P2P mentor know who you are, what you are working, and what your goals are.
  • Start Mentoring  – Move forward by setting goals and solving problems together.

Register as Expert

Features include:

  • eMentoring relationship– EvalCommunity eMentoring relationships can be managed over geographically dispersed locations, can scale up and down to your regional and international needs and is user-friendly and easy.
  • Messaging – a familiar and secure messaging area that allows mentors and mentees to have confidential conversations.
  • Free or paid– There is no charge to use this service but the registration for mentors and mentees is limited to members of the EvalCommunity as a benefit of membership. It reduces the administrative challenge of running mentoring programmes and the associated costs. However, the mentors and mentees can decide themselves on the way they would like to build their eMentoring relationships: free or paid.
  • Confidential – all communication between mentors and mentees is secure so the mentor/mentee relationship remains confidential. The administrator can oversee all aspects of the relationship, so is able to detect inappropriate activity or communication.