Membership Advantages

As an individual expert

As an institution

  • If your organization is looking in a tender that would require to propose and build a team of evaluators, our Service of recruiting experts on behalf of another company will help you with the recruitment process
  • If your organization has vacancies in M&E and Impact Assessment, we are helping the institutions to post a job
  • If your organization is planning to organise trainings, conferences and other professional events, we are helping the institutions to submit an event
  • You can identify potential job candidates and consultants from a large international network of experts
  • You can promote your work, events, trainings and studies to a large number of experts worldwide
  • You can share universities programs, journals, training, capacity development tools, virtual library, websites, learning from collaborative initiatives, toolkits,  and many other documents  with a focus on M&E, Social Impact and Environment Assessment practice by submitting a listing