There are a host of valuable websites for M&E practice and learning from collaborative initiatives, offering a variety of resources, such as virtual libraries, toolkits, blogs, email lists, communities of practice, and e-learning opportunities, such as webinars and webcasts.

  • ALNAP. The Active Learning Network for Accountability and performance in Humanitarian Action offers a variety of resources supporting evaluation in humanitarian contexts, such as its Evaluation of Humanitarian Action guide in three languages, and its e-learning course, Introduction to Evaluating Humanitarian Action, in partnership with UNICEF, EvalPartners and UNEG.
  • Better Evaluation. An international collaboration to improve evaluation practice and theory by sharing and generating information about options (methods or processes), approaches, information, resources and links for M&E.
  • CLEAR. This website for Regional Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results is part of the CLEAR global team’s effort to improve policy through strengthening monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and capacities. The Knowledge Hub  is a space where publications, training materials, videos and program documents can be found.
  • EvalPartners is an interactive platform to share knowledge on country-led M&E systems worldwide. This global partnership seeks to enhance the capacities of civil society organizations (CSOs) to effectively engage in evaluation, with a specific focus on strengthening the institutional capacity of Voluntary Organizations of Professional Evaluators (VOPEs). Check out their Virtual Library of resources, and I especially recommend the recently developed EvalPartners’ Toolkit to develop advocacy strategies to strengthen an enabling environment for evaluation, (although I confess my biase because I was part of the working group for this toolkit).
  • Monitoring and Evaluation News. Managed by Rick Davies and launched in 1997, this remains a mainstay for M&E learning, resources, sharing and networking. And for good reason as Rick and the MandE community are very active; for example, sign up for their M&E News email list of over 2500 members.
  • MEASURE Evaluation. A collaboration between USAID and university and private partners, this online resources provides a host of materials for M&E learning, including trainer resources, online courses, a webinar series, publications, tools, and much more. For example, check out the publication, M&E Fundamentals: A Self-guided Minicourse (Frankel & Gage, 2007).
  • PREVAL. Since 1997, this longstanding global platform supports national and local government institutions, project technical units, and rural organizations to build and strengthen their capacity to develop and implement Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) systems for information to feed into decision making and learning.
  • InterAction. Based in Washington D.C., this is an alliance of over 180 NGO members from around the world, with a website that offers useful M&E resources, such as a link to Training that includes a four-part series developed with the Rockefeller Foundation with guidance notes on impact evaluation, each accompanied by two webinars related to the notes’ contents.
  • The Evaluation Toolbox. An online resource from Swinburne University of Technology and Australian public partners, it is a ‘one-stop-site’ for community sustainability engagement, with an assortment of resources (e.g. guidelines, tools, templates, and case studies) for community projects that aim to change household behaviors

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Monitoring and Evaluation Resources

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