Blog Name: aea365
Managed by:  American Evaluation Association
Focus: A tip-a-day by and for evaluators shares hot tips, cool tricks, rad resources, and lessons learned

Twitter Image aeaweb  American Evaluation Association

Blog Name: EES Blog
Managed by:  European Evaluation Society
Focus: The mandate of the European Evaluation Society (EES) is to stimulate, guide and promote the theory, practice and utilization of evaluation in Europe and beyond.


Blog Name: Analytics HR
Managed by:  Berwyn Gonzalvo
Focus: Human Resources Analytics

Blog Name: ACET, Inc.
Managed by:  Stella Zimmerman
Focus: Discussion of research and evaluation; updates on funding opportunities/announcements; educational resources

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Blog Name: Actionable Data
Managed by:  Kim Firth Leonard
Focus: Actionable Data Advocacy and Exploration

Blog Name: Adventures in Evaluation Podcast Blog
Managed by:  Kylie Hutchinson and James Coyle
Focus: Updates on the Adventures in Evaluation Podcast Series

Blog Name: Al Borde Del Caos [in Spanish]
Managed by:  Pablo Rodríguez-Bilella
Focus: Evaluation and development

Blog Name: Rita’s Blog
Managed by:  Rita Fierro
Focus: Nurturing Organizations and Communities

Blog Name: Barrington Research Group Blog
Managed by:  Gail Barrington
Focus: Evaluation and Evaluation Consulting

Blog Name: BetterEvaluation Blog
Managed by:  Simon Hearn
Focus: Improving Evaluation Planning and Execution

Blog Name:Brad Rose Consulting: Evaluation Resources
Managed by:  Brad Rose
Focus: Key Issues in Evaluation

Blog Name: Broadleaf Consulting
Managed by:  Broadleaf Consulting
Focus: Planning, Evaluation, Governance

Blog Name: canoe.moore  
Managed by:  Christopher Moore
Focus: Quantitative Evaluation Methods and Personal Reflections

Blog Name: Carson Research Consulting Realize
Managed by:  Taj Carson
Focus: General Evaluation

Blog Name: Censemaking
Managed by:  Cameron Norman
Focus: Evaluation, Complexity, Design, Health

Blog Name: Changing River Consulting Blog
Managed by:  Maria Gajewski
Focus: Evaluation, Complexity, Design, Health

Blog Name: Citizen’s Observations and Reflections
Managed by:  Kassem El-Saddik

Blog Name: Claire Reinelt’s Blog
Managed by:  Claire Reinelt
Focus: Practical Evaluation for Nonprofits

Blog Name: Climate-Eval
Managed by: Sophie Edwards
Focus: Climate change development

Blog Name:Community Evaluation
Managed by: Ann Price
Focus: Evaluation, program development and social change in communities 

Blog Name: Creative Research Blog
Managed by:  Travis Tatum
Focus: Social Science Research and Evaluation

Blog Name: Dana Wanzer Evaluation and Research Blog
Managed by:  Dana Wanzer
Focus: Evaluation Practices, Research on Evaluation, Youth Program Evaluation

Blog Name:Data2Insight
Managed by: Veronica Smirh
Focus: Science, Engineering, Technology and Math Education

Blog Name:Data in Context
Managed by: Lisa R. Holliday
Focus: Data Collection Tips and Strategies

Blog Name: Design by Data
Managed by: Deven Wisner
Focus: Evaluation, Personnel Psychology, Dataviz

Blog Name: Design & Evaluation
Managed by:  Chi Yan Lam
Focus: Program Evaluation, Design, Social Innovation

Blog Name: E-Valuation
Managed by:  Sandra Mathison
Focus: Value and valuing

Blog Name: Eagle Dawg Blog
Managed by:  Nicole Dettmar
Focus: Wide ranging, personal and professional

Blog Name:Emery Evaluation
Managed by: Ann Emery
Focus: Adventures of a nonprofit and foundations evaluator

Blog Name: Empowerment Evaluation Blog
Managed by:  David Fetterman
Focus: Empowerment Evaluation around the world

Blog Name: EvalBlog
Managed by:  John Gargani
Focus: Program design and evaluation

Blog Name: Evalthoughts
Managed by:  Amy Germuth
Focus: General Evaluation

Blog Name: Evaluateca
Managed by: Rafael Monterde-Diaz
Focus: General Evaluation

Blog Name:EvaluATE
Managed by: Jason Burkhardt
Focus: General Evaluation

Blog Name: Evaluation for Africa
Managed by: Zenda Ofir
Focus: Evaluation for Africa

Blog Name: Evaluation is An Everyday Activity
Managed by:  Molly Engle
Focus: General Evaluation

Blog Name:Evaluation Capacity Development GroupManaged by: Karen RussonFocus: Evaluation Capacity Development 

Blog Name:Evaluation DivaManaged by: Jennifer Morrow
Focus: General Evaluation 

Blog Name: Evaluation Focus
Managed by:  Richard Eason
Focus: Improving organizational performance through evaluation

Blog Name:Evaluation for Development (E4D)Managed by: Zenda OfirFocus: Evaluation and Development in the Global South

Blog Name: Evaluation Space
Managed by:  Alexey Kuzmin
Focus: Program design and evaluation

Blog Name:Evaluation Uncertainty
Managed by: Jonathan Morrell
Focus: Surprises in Programs and their Evaluations 

Blog Name: Sheila B Robinson
Managed by:  Sheila Robinson
Focus: Evaluation, Survey Design, Presentations and more

Blog Name: Evergreen Data
Managed by:  Stephanie Evergreen
Focus: Data Visualization, Reporting, Evaluation

Blog Name: Evidence Soup
Managed by:  Tracy Allison Altman
Focus: Demystifying evidence

Blog Name: Expose your Museum
Managed by:  Kathleen Tinworth
Focus: Visitor Research

Blog Name: For Good Measure
Managed by:  Trina Willard
Focus: Evaluation, leadership, organizational management

Blog Name: Fresh Spectrum
Managed by:  Chris Lysy
Focus: Practical applications of technology, and related humor

Blog Name: Gender and Evaluation Community of Practice
Managed by:  Rituu B. Nanda
Focus: Gender, feminism, evaluation

Blog Name: Genuine Evaluation
Managed by:  Patricia Rogers &  Jane Davidson
Focus: Authentic, honest evaluation – issues; aspects; good & bad examples

Blog Name: HARC Data
Managed by: 
Jenna LeComte-Hinely
General evaluation, making evaluation easy to understand, practical examples of evaluation, using evaluation to change lives

Blog Name:Informing Change
Managed by: Ellen Irie
Focus: Organizational effectiveness and learning 

Blog Name:The Improve Groove
Managed by: Susan MurphyFocus: Organizational effectiveness and learning

Blog Name: Intelligent Measurement
Managed by: Richard Gaunt and Glenn O’Neill
Focus: Evaluation and measurement in communications, training, management, and other fields

Blog Name:Intentional Museum
Managed by: Randy Korn
Focus: Culture Sector 

Blog Name:Just Philanthropy
Managed by: Steven Mayer
Focus: Confluence of philanthropy, justice, evaluation

Blog Name: It Prep
Managed by: 
 Tonya B. Amankwatia
 Resource for leaders, practitioners and my Lehigh University graduate students

Blog Name:La vigie de l’évaluation
Managed by: Alix de Saint-Albin
Focus: Weekly News about Evaluation in France

Blog Name: Learning Culture
Managed by:  Molly Hamm
Focus: Learning and questioning and evaluation

Blog Name:Learning for Sustainability
Managed by: Will Allen
Focus: Evaluation, Social Change, and Sustainability

Blog Name: Learning to See Clearly
Managed by:  Jamie Clearfield
Focus: Evaluation and Development

Blog Name: The Listening Resource
Managed by:  Susan Eliot
Focus: Qualitative Methods

Blog Name: M&E Blog (Monitoring & Evaluation Blog)
Managed by:  Benita Williams
Focus: Monitoring and Evaluation, mostly how-to, occasionally reflections

Blog Name: The Minimalist Evaluator
Managed by:  Ashley Bishop
Focus: Applying minimalist lifestyle guidance to our work as program evaluators.

Blog Name: Musings on Evaluation
Managed by: LeCroy & Milligan Associates
Focus: Utilization Focused Evaluation 

Blog Name: NEO Shop Talk
Managed by: 
 Karen Vargas
 Librarians/health educators conducting programs to improve access to health education

Blog Name: Nicole Clark Consulting
Managed by: 
 Nicole Clark
 Evaluation, social work, advocacy, sexual/reproductive health, communities of color, women and girls

Blog Name: on top of the box evaluation
Managed by:  Karen Anderson
Focus: What do evaluators do, and why?

Blog Name: Outcomes Blog
Managed by:  Paul Duignan
Focus: Real world strategy, outcomes, evaluation, and monitoring

Blog Name: Participatory Evaluation Forum
Managed by:  Cindy Banyai
Focus: Participatory Evaluation, Evaluation Consulting

Blog Name: Paul Vogt’s Research Methods Blog
Managed by:  Paul Vogt
Focus: Research Methods

Blog Name: The Performance Improvement Blog
Managed by:  Stephen Gill
Focus: Learning and effectiveness in organizations

Blog Name: The Practicing Researcher
Managed by: Anonymous
Focus: Learning Through Evaluation and Research Practice

Blog Name:PDAStats
Managed by: Professional Data Analysts
Focus: Data Analytics

Blog Name:Ready to Think
Managed by: Dikla Yogev
Focus: Measurement and evaluation, management consulting, futures thinking

Blog Name: Rick on the Road
Managed by: Rick Davies
Focus: Monitoring and evaluation of development aid projects

Blog Name: Route One Evaluation
Managed by:  Tamara Walser
Focus: Evaluation thinking, practice, and impact

Blog Name: So What: Your Weekly Guide to Advocacy With Impact
Managed by:  Robert Medina
Focus: Evaluation, Advocacy, Impact

Blog Name: Strategic Evaluation Blog
Managed by: FSG
Focus: Strategic Evaluation

Blog Name: Strong Roots Consulting Blog
Managed by:  Brian Hoessler
Focus: Capacity Building

Blog Name: Stumpf Consulting
Managed by:  Steven Stumpf
Focus: Health Program Evaluation and General EvaluationBlog Name:Sue Mentors
Managed by: Sue Griffey
Focus: Ideas, tips, and inspiration about mentoring

Blog Name: Thinking About Community
Managed by:  Susan M. Wolfe
Focus: General evaluation, non-profit management, community psychology

Blog Name:To Be of Use
Managed by: Laurie Jones Neighbors
Focus: Evaluation and Program Development Consulting for Transformational Systems Change

Blog Name: To What End?
Managed by:  Jara Dean-Coffey
Focus: Social Evaluation, personal reflections

Blog Name: TripleAD: Aprendiendo a Aprender para el Desarrollo (in Spanish)
Managed by: Carlos Rodríguez-Ariza
Focus: Evaluation in the Government Sector and International Aid

Blog Name:TrueBearing Consulting
Managed by: Nathan Brown and Jessica Carr

Blog Name: Usable Knowledge
Managed by: Eric Graig
Focus: Evaluation

Blog Name: Sue Mentors
Managed by:  Sue Griffey
Focus: Ideas, tips, and inspiration about mentoring

Blog Name: Valuing Voices
Managed by:  Jindra Cekan
Focus: Sustainability Evaluation

Blog Name: Visual Brains
Managed by:  Sara Vaca
Focus: Visualizing Data

Blog Name: Worth the While
Managed by: Tamara M. Walser
Focus: Program evaluation thinking and practice