About Partnerships For Health

Partnerships For Health (PFH) is a professional consulting firm established in 2010 to provide public health services from its office in Augusta, Maine. In a relatively short time, PFH has become a local and national leader in collaborative evaluation. Our clients include governmental agencies, foundations, and community-based non-profits. Our approach is one of collaborative consultation where the underlying assumption is that strides in public health can be achieved by joining the PFH team’s specialized knowledge with the client’s. Leadership, problem-solving, and communication become a joint undertaking, with equal attention to the technical and content areas, as well as the human interactions involved in dealing with these competencies.

As part of the PFH team, we expect our team to conduct their work and interactions in accordance with the following value statements:

Leadership: We contribute to honest evidence-based assessments for our clients and our business, even if it’s not easy.

Collaboration: Our strength is the talent of our team. We get stronger the more we share.

Transparency: Open communication breeds trust and a framework to build upon. Be real.

Accountability: We all have an obligation to accept responsibility for our own actions, and for our part in the success of the business.

Passion: Passion and dedication are not found in small measures. We will not settle for any less than that which we are truly capable of doing.

Quality: Prepare, work hard, and learn from your mistakes. We strive to make everything we do the best. And when we fail, we learn from it and improve.

Enjoyment: Success cannot be achieved without the ability to enjoy your work with your team. The ability to have fun at what you’re doing needs to be encouraged and supported every day.

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