What is Impact Evaluation?

What is Impact Evaluation? #


The tools and software are regrouped by alphabetical order, so you can easily search for the ones that will be relevant to you. Please feel free to inform us about a new one or to update the information about these tools and software: Contact us!  #


The Advocacy Progress Planner (APP) #

The Advocacy Progress Planner (APP) is a free online “logic model builder” designed to help advocacy organizations incorporate evaluation into their strategic planning. It helps you clarify key campaign elements: goals and impacts; audience; inputs; activities and tactics; and benchmarks that signal progress toward goals. More details

The Advocacy Progress Planner (APP)

Changeroo #

Changeroo is an online tool to develop and manage high-quality Theories of Change. It supports the development of a learning culture and helps turn a ToC into a living document of critical reflection and co-creation, offers a basis for communication and engagement, and eventually makes ToC thinking truly a strategic management approach to creating societal value. More details


Continuous Progress Advocacy Tools #

Continuous Progress Advocacy Tools provide a step-by-step roadmap for planning advocacy efforts and conducting evaluations before, during, and after a campaign. Whether you are an advocate just setting your goals or a grantmaker knee-deep in execution, these practical tools help ensure that you are making the most of your efforts. Continuous Progress offers guides for both domestic and global issues. More details 

Continuous Progress Advocacy Tools