Tips about adding your Job postings

 A couple of tips about adding your Job
 Components that will improve the quality of your job postings

The first part of your job post should encourage interested applicants to apply. Too many companies make the mistake of ignoring the importance of focusing on the candidate. They simply post a list of their job responsibilities but don’t take the time to explain the real benefits that would come with a position. In many cases, the best candidates are those who are looking not just for their next paycheck, but for an opportunity to grow professionally.

Leverage the power of bullet points. Highlight the features you offer in a bulleted format. When looking to increase chances of ranking higher on job search engines, use bullet points to improve algorithms. The relationship between algorithms and bullet points is clear and the more you use them, the higher your chances are of appearing at the top of search results.

Do not use fancy job titles for your job posting. Too many times we get a little too creative and call it something else. The problem is that no one will search for it. Instead, make sure your titles are reflective of an actual job you’re looking to fill with words that are recognizable and common to the industry.

A Job Posting Is NOT a Job Description #

Some candidates tend to confuse a job post or a job listing for a job description. However, these aren’t the same in the job search world.

A job description outlines the responsibilities, duties, qualifications, and skills required to perform a specific job. It is an important tool used by employers to define the role and responsibilities of a job position. It also helps employees understand their role and helps employers determine the best candidate for the job. 

Job descriptions usually require a sign-off from the hiring manager or upper management team and generally contain a:

  • Job title
  • Role summary
  • Requirements and qualifications 
  • The way a person is successful in the role
  • Who the role reports to (and/or manages)

This is all information one would typically find in a standard job ad, so it’s easy to see the confusion. 

A job posting is an advertisement that outlines the requirements and expectations for a particular job. Job postings are used by companies and organizations to attract potential candidates for open positions.

The anatomy of a job posting includes:

A killer remote job posting should include a clear description of the job, including the job title, duties, and qualifications. It should also have an accurate and concise summary of the company, its mission, and its culture

  • A catchy job title with searchable industry keywords
  • Dynamic role summary
  • An engaging company introduction and mission statement
  • Requirements, qualifications, and preferred skills
  • Work environment expectations
  • And much more!
A job posting is an advertisement for a job opening, while a job description is a detailed outline of the duties and responsibilities of a specific job

Follow these tips and guidance to get the best from your EvalCommunity Jobs listing.

Company Details #

Your company page is automatically created on EvalCommunity Jobs. 

  • Company Name: Use your trading name, for best results, don’t include numbers or special characters such as ‘&’ and ‘@’.
  • Website: link to your website
  • Tagline: let prospective M&E candidates know what your company is about 
  • Video: optionally add a YouTube or Vimeo link to embed a video about your company 
  • Logo: upload your company’s logo.

Job Listing #

Job Title

Enter the job title

  • Use title case, e.g. ‘Senior Evaluator Manager’ (not ‘Senior evaluator manager’)
  • The shorter the title, the better, and without adjectives or description
  • Don’t use special characters, such as *, @, &, and % 

The job title is automatically used across EvalCommunity and on third-party sites such as LinkedIn or API. Maintaining consistency with how the job title should be written for each API is very important to ensure that your job listings propagate and display properly across multiple platforms and locations. 


Enter the place where your primary place of business is located, including the city/town and postcode.

The address is converted into latitude and longitude for display on Map Search and location-based searches, which are popular with Job Seekers. 

Job Type

Select all that best describe your position, and opt from:

  • Full-time, or
  • Part-time


  • Contract 
  • Internship
  • Permanent
  • Temporary
  • Volunteering

Function / Category

Select the appropriate categories: job or tender

Description  #

Enter the full position information, including:

  • Scope of role, responsibilities, reports, etc
  • Desirable skills or qualifications
  • Remuneration package
  • Any relevant information on the application process or timelines 

Information & options #

Email applications to

Enter an email address where you want a copy of candidates’ CVs and covering letters sent. 

The email address defaults to your account email. However, you may wish applications to be sent directly to a colleague.

To view or manage candidates, you’ll need to log into your United Baristas Jobs account using your UB-iD.

Closing Date

Optionally enter a deadline for applications. 

If not entered, the deadline will become the expiry of the job listing.

Minimum and Maximum Rate 

Optionally, enter a specific wage for this role as it will make it easier for monitoring and evaluation experts to search for roles. Postings with a wage and salary band also help you connect to a wider audience.

Hours per week

Optionally, enter the average expected hours of work each week.   

For example, ’35’

Application Portal URL

Use this option if you want candidates to apply through a platform other than EvalCommnity Jobs. When applicants click the apply button, they will be redirected to this web address.

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