Quick Questions and Answers: Monitoring and evaluation position interview

How are you going to ensure that M&E data are valid, timely, and reliable?

1=Validity: By using SMART indicators 2=Timely: By strengthening routine data generation systems 3=Reliable: This requires good training and good coordination of staff involved in the data collection systems

Describe your research and MEAL experience

Research process, from writing the proposal, designing the tools, data collection and analysis and software used to analyse data. Also reporting and dissemination plan. 

Why should we hire you?

because I have all of the qualifications outlined in your job posting therefore strongly believe that I am a good fit for your Organization and would love the opportunity to become a valued member of your team

What does the position you applied for entails?

This is a job that entails monitoring of the project by consistently visiting the project sites and collecting data based on the indicators to be measured. cleaning the data and eventually analysing the data for onward submission to management 

How do you react when your line manager disagrees with you?

Well, in my view there is no development without conflict/disagreement…. 

definition of monitoring and evaluation?