How to Structure Resume Profile Statement: Competency-Based Resume

When seeking a new role, tailoring your resume to each opportunity and structuring a Resume competency profile statement is important. 

When you apply for a job with the UN, UNDP, and other international organisations, use your crafted Resume to highlight your previous work and achievements. Tailor it to show that you are well qualified for the role and familiar with these organizations’ work.

What is a competency-based resume? #

A competency-based resume is a type of resume that highlights your relevant skills by placing them before your work experience. This is different from traditional resumes that first emphasize your work history, usually chronologically.

▶️ Ensure your CV is crafted using Competency-Based CV Model.

▶️Each recruiter who picks at your CV will take eight seconds to decide to read it carefully or throw it out. Therefore, the top one-third of your Competency-Based CV should be a powerful profile statement that sums WHO YOU ARE, encapsulates with greater clarity your Professional Experience and your Core Competencies.

☀️So, instead of writing something weak like, “Seeking a challenging position where there is room for career growth in International development” compose a strong profile statement that incorporates your core competencies for the line of work you are in. 

▶️Example of Strong Profile Statement for Monitoring and Evaluation Officer #

☀️Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Profile. “Dedicated and committed monitoring and evaluation specialist with nearly 12 years of working experience in designing, implementing, and managing M&E systems in humanitarian and development contexts. Proven track record of collecting and analyzing data to generate actionable insights for program and policy improvement: seeks a position where he can use his competencies to make a positive impact in the world”.

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