Salary for a Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist in Africa

When it comes to Monitoring and Evaluation, there are many Monitoring and Evaluation jobs available in Africa. International NGOs, national government departments, and locally run organizations all need experts to measure, analyze, and report the progress of programs that combat poverty.

The demand for monitoring and evaluation experts is growing and organizations and governments alike need more and more people with the skills and qualifications to carry out these vital tasks.

A recent upward trend in international aid and development funding has yielded a lot of work in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation. If you’re looking for a job in Africa, there’s never been a better time to explore the M&E opportunities across the continent, as the number of M&E jobs available is set to increase.

What are the most important skills for Monitoring and Evaluation jobs in Africa? #

For any Monitoring and Evaluation job in Africa, it is crucial that the candidate is aware of the cultural sensitivities and norms in the countries that they are working in.

Beyond professional and technical skills, other abilities that are crucial for success include communication, planning, critical thinking, filtering information, ability to work long hours and maintaining confidentiality.

How much does a Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist in Africa make? #

The average Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist in Africa makes $72,000.

Based on our compensation data, the estimated salary potential for a Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist will increase by 12 % over 5 years.

The United States Institute of Peace, USAID, USAID-Africa, UNICEF, and UNDP are all actively looking for Monitoring and Evaluation professionals. We offer a list of the most popular jobs that are being offered in this field with the most information about what these job positions entail.

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