Internal Job Offer

It is now more important than ever for organizations to recruit internal candidates. What is an internal job posting? Rather than posting a job ad for external candidates, when you are recruiting from your existing employee pool, you might use an internal job posting instead to find qualified candidates. If you want to send a message within your organization, you could either send an internal email, post a message on a company intranet page, or post a message on a bulletin board in the office.

Internal Job Offer Template

Email subject line: [Job Title] Promotion, Congratulations!

Dear [Employee Name],

We are grateful that you have been a part of our organization for the last [days, months, or years]. Seeing your growth during your time with us has been a pleasure.

As discussed, we are delighted to officially promote you to [New Position] as of [Date].

Your updated contract is attached, and it includes your new employment terms and your updated compensation package.

Please click on the link to review and sign the promotion offer details. You have until [Date] to officially accept the promotion.

Feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you achieve great things in your new role.




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