General Job Offer Email

The template for this job offer letter is perfect if you are looking for a simple job offer letter sample. This is a job offer email template you can use once you have found your perfect candidate and want to be able to extend your offer to them officially. In order to help your candidate make an informed decision, you are welcome to customize it to include as many details as possible, so make sure you include as much as you feel they will want to know.

General Job Offer Email Template

Email subject line: Job Offer from  [Company Name]

Dear [Candidate Name],

We’re thrilled to extend an employment offer for the [Job Title] position with [Company Name]. Please review the attached summary of terms and conditions for your expected employment with us.

If you accept this proposal, your expected start date will be [Start Date] or another mutually agreed upon date, and you will report to [Manager Name], who is the [Manager Position] in the [Department Name].

Your employment terms and conditions can be found attached to this email. We would like to have your response by [Date].

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone should you have any questions.




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