Full or Part-time Job Offer

There are specific elements of all great full or part-time job offers that give your new recruit everything they need to start their new job on the right foot and with confidence and happiness as soon as they step foot in the door.

You should take the time and effort to craft a good offer letter, not only because it shows you have put considerable thought into it, but also because it shows you are excited about welcoming them to the team.

Full or Part-time Job Offer Template

Email subject line: [Job Title] Offer. Congratulations!
Dear [Candidate Name],

We are excited to offer you a [full-time/part-time] position as [Job Title] with [Company Name] starting on [start date]. You will be in the [Name of Department], and you will report to [Manager’s Name] at [Office Location]. We know you will be an exceptional addition to our team!

The starting [base salary, hourly rate] for this position is [Amount] and will be paid [payroll frequency] by direct deposit beginning [Date]. In addition to that initial payment, you’ll receive a [percentage]% bonus on new sales.

As a [full-time/part-time] employee of the company, after [X] days, you will be eligible for the following benefits. We will go into greater detail about your benefit options as part of your new employee onboarding.

[If applicable: It is crucial to understand that [Company Name] is an at-will employer. That means you or [Company Name] are free to end the employment relationship at any time, with or without notice or cause.]

This job offer as [Job Title] is contingent upon completing [background check and drug test].

This offer of employment will expire on [Date].

[Candidate first name], we are thrilled by the prospect of you joining our ever-growing team. If you have questions or need clarification, please feel free to reach out at any time.

If you accept this offer, please sign and return it by [Date].

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