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Monitoring and Evaluation groups on twitter #

Evaluation Groups on Twitter #

With the emergence of social media, companies, and organizations continue to search for the best way to measure and evaluate their projects, programs, and policies. Twitter is one of the most popular sites for networking, so it’s no surprise that more companies are considering using this site as a way to gauge their performance.

One of the first things an organization or professionals working in the field can do on Twitter is join a monitoring or evaluation group. This lets them know who they are talking to, who is following them and who might be on the fence.


Why Are Evaluation Groups on Twitter Important? #

Evaluation Groups on Twitter is a way for governments, foundations, companies, and professionals to get an instant, accurate overview of the latest tweets about their brand. This overview allows them to stay up to date on what people are saying about them and how they are saying it.


Evaluation Groups for Organizations #

Monitoring and evaluation groups on Twitter enable companies to tailor their marketing tactics based on what consumers are saying. The evaluation groups allow for a space to discuss evaluative concerns as well as offer support for those who are undergoing evaluation.

The Evaluation Groups also provide a way for evaluators to learn about new evaluation-related information through tweets, questions, and engagement. One of the reasons why monitoring evaluation groups on Twitter is so important is because it allows the company to take advantage of trending topics, and information, news, and opinions.


Evaluation Groups for the students #

The evaluation groups on Twitter are important because they connect academics and students of all levels with the specific courses that they are currently enrolled in. These groups of people can communicate with each other and can share information with each other about the Monitoring & Evaluation courses they are currently enrolled in and their experiences on the course. The evaluation groups on Twitter also help to spread information about the courses and they can make connections to professors and classmates alike for all kinds of academic courses.


Twitter Image aeaweb  American Evaluation Association

Twitter Image EES_eval – European Evaluation Society

Twitter Image drlisamelchior – The Measurement Group

Twitter Image 3ieNews – International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)

Twitter Image abdevaluation – Evaluation at the Asian Development Bank

Twitter Image BetterEval – Better Evaluation

Twitter Image cochranecollab – Cochrane Collaboration

Twitter Image EasternEval – Eastern Evaluation Research Society

Twitter Image ECDG – Evaluation Capacity Development Group (ECDG)

Twitter Image EvalCentral – Eval Central Blog Aggregator

Twitter Image EvalCollective – Evaluation Collective MI Consultants

Twitter Image EvalCoP – eXtension Evaluation Community of Practice

Twitter Image EvalPartners – EvalPartners Initiative

Twitter Image EnviroEvalNet – Environmental Evaluators Network

Twitter Image EvaluATE_WMU – EvaluATE, National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technical Education Program

Twitter Image EvaluatorsInst – Evaluators’ Institute

Twitter Image ETI_org – Evaluation and Training Institute (ETI)

Twitter Image GLSEN Research – Research at Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network

Twitter Image HarderCo – Harder+Company

Twitter Image Idaho_OPE – Office of Performance Evaluations, Idaho State Legislature

Twitter Image informingchange – BTW informing change

Twitter Image InnoNet_Eval – Innovation Network

Twitter Image IDRC_Evaluation – International Development Research Center Evaluation

Twitter Image MEASURE_Eval – MEASURE Evaluation Global Health Evaluation Team

Twitter Image MetisAssociates – Metis Associates

Twitter Image MilwaukeeEval  – ¡MilwaukeeEvaluation! 

Twitter Image NewKnowOrg– New Knowledge Organization

Twitter Image NEO Shop Talk – NN/LN Evaluatoin Office (NEO)

Twitter Image OECD_EVALNET – OECD DAC Network on Development Evaluation

Twitter Image SocImpactInc – Social Impact

Twitter Image socevaluacion – Sociedad Española de Evaluación

Twitter Image Viaevaluation – Via Evaluation

Twitter Image WorldBank_IEG – World Bank Independent Evaluation Group

Twitter Image BroadleafC – Broadleaf Consulting

Twitter Image PDAeval – Professional Data Analysts