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LinkedIn cold messages - How to reach out an employer for a Monitoring and evaluation job
How to ask a M&E recruiter for a job on LinkedIn

If you want to know how to reach out about a Monitoring and Evaluation job by using LinkedIn cold messages, you’re in the right place. This can be intimidating, and the success rates aren’t great. But with properly targeted messages that are laid out clearly and easy to read, your chances of getting a reply and starting a conversation will greatly increase.

So, let’s take a look at how to reach out about a job as a Monitoring and Evaluation professional on LinkedIn and figure out the best ways possible.

What Does a Cold Message Mean? 

You can form your own connections simply by initiating a personal interaction with a hiring manager or potential future supervisor. One of the ways to do this is by sending a cold email. A cold email is the first message you send to someone you’ve had little or no previous interaction with. A cold email is also the first step in sparking a professional connection, and it usually includes a request to talk about a job you’re applying for or for an informational interview.

What Is LinkedIn, And How Does It Work?

Just because you’re already on LinkedIn doesn’t mean you should go ahead and skip this information! LinkedIn is a social media site specifically designed to help people make professional connections. Its focus is professional networking and career development, so that can definitely include cold messaging.

The site also boasts over 774 million members as of November 2022, so this is a huge, tailored platform that can be a massive help to you on your career path. LinkedIn is set up and allows you to post your own profile to give an account of your educational background and work experience to potential employers.

Employers use it too…

Employers use LinkedIn to post open positions, which you can browse. Recruiters use the platform to find people who are looking for work, but also to actively recruit or “headhunt” professionals who are already employed.

On top of all that, you can use LinkedIn to learn new skills and get advice by watching videos or even taking courses through the site.

How To Ask Someone For a Job on LinkedIn

Here’s a 3 phase approach to ask a recruiter for a job on LinkedIn:

#1. Completely fill out and optimise your LinkedIn Profile

Make sure you include a professional headshot, banner, optimised title with keywords, full summary, employment history with descriptions, education, skills and endorsements section – again keyword-rich, certifications, courses, projects, organisations and more… For a detailed description on how to optimise your profile check out our LinkedIn Profile Tips: From Summary & Headlines and Images here’

#2. Make a list of all the companies/agencies that you would like to work for. 

If you’re serious about your job search, this list will be 50+ companies. Then use the LinkedIn search bar to find the company pages and click the people link – this will display a list of all the employees that work at that particular company from CEO to the Janitor. Now use the search bar to find specific Evaluator roles in the Monitoring and Evaluation industry.

#3. Next, you need to pick the right professionals to connect with and send them a connection request

This is where you need a simple but effective cold messaging strategy to ensure your connection request does not fall on deaf ears. If they accept your invitation, they’ll become a 1st-degree connection. Then it’s game on!

Keep it short and use a call to action (CTA)

Nobody wants to read a long message, so keeping your message short and simple is generally the best way to go. The initial connection request message is only 300 characters so choose your words wisely. Don’t waste time blowing smoke up their arse, or blowing your own trumpet with a list of achievements. Your profile (if optimised correctly, including a handful of recommendations will do that for you).

You can read our post on How To Answer The Interview Question: What Makes You Unique to better prepare yourself for the interview ahead.

Samples Of Cold Messaging a Recruiter on LinkedIn 

Example 1:

“Hi __________, I noticed that you are a recruiter in the M&E sector. I wanted to reach out to discuss potentially working together. I’m a Monitoring and Evaluation expert with a proven track record of (share your value proposition and experience) and currently seeking new opportunities.

Let’s connect,

Your name

Example 2:

“Hi _________, I see you work for __________(name of recruiting agency). I wanted to reach out because I’m currently exploring new opportunities. I’ve been working professionally as a Monitoring and Evaluation expert for (number of years), and I’m ready for my next challenge!

Let’s connect,

Your name 

Example 3:

“Hi _________, My name is __________ and I’m a __________. Just looking to connect and share with others in the industry at this time. Please check out my profile to see how I could help!

Let’s connect,

Your name

Example 4:

“Hi _________, I saw you mention working with __________ companies here on LinkedIn. I am an M&E expert, and I’m thinking of testing the waters. Can I send you my CV and maybe we can work together?”

Let’s connect,

Your name

Follow-Up LinkedIn message to the recruiter after an accepted connection

Thank them for accepting the request.

Mention your interest in the M&E role and what you can do to benefit the company they are hiring for. The message should be short, serve one purpose and include a call to action (CTA).

Note: Don’t forget to attach your CV / Resume in PDF format and we suggest using a simple signature with your name, telephone number and email address. Also, ensure that your CV / Resume is portraying the best version of you and it’s been specifically tailored for the audience.


“Hi _________, thank you for accepting my connection request. I am interested in putting myself forward for a Monitoring and Evaluation role in __________ (name sector) within __________ (name city). Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile to see if I may be a fit for any of your current openings. Please find attached my CV.

Can we schedule a call to discuss?

Kind regards,

Your name 

Tel: ____________

Email: ____________”

Key Takeaway

  • A cold email can be a necessary first step in communication, especially in a situation like looking for a job where you’re meeting a lot of new people.
  • As opposed to a phone call, a cold email in the appropriate circumstances can be simpler, save time, and make following up easier.
  • When writing a cold email, always use an appropriate salutation, choose a descriptive subject line, and be sure to proofread thoroughly.

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