Air Passenger Bill of Rights

Are you travelling to an M&E event and your flight is delayed?


Airlines are now required to adhere to a set of regulations that provide better protection for air passengers when they face things like delays and flight cancellations.

The Air Passenger Bill of Rights was put in place to establish airlines’ obligations toward their passengers. It includes minimum standards for how passengers are treated (keeping them informed of flight delays, children’s seating assignments, tarmac delays, and so forth) and entitles passengers to compensation if certain things happen.

The requirements apply to all flights to, from, and within Canada, including connecting flights. Passengers are only entitled to compensation under the charter if the problem they experience is the result of something under the airline’s control and is not required for safety purposes.

How much compensation does the Bill of Rights provide for?

  • If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you may be entitled to compensation of $1,000 or more at the upper end of the scale.
  • If your baggage is lost or damaged on a flight to, from, or within Canada, including on a connecting flight, you may receive compensation of up to $2,100.
  • If you can’t board because your flight is overbooked (there’s no room despite the airline having sold you a ticket), you may be entitled to compensation of $2,400 or more at the upper end of the scale.
  • If your flight is delayed two hours or more, you must be provided with food and drink at no charge. If you have to wait overnight, you’re entitled to free accommodations and transportation there and back.

Claims for compensation must be filed with the airline responsible for what happened.


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